Manage unlimited Contacts with complete Contact History

The Results contact screen offers a central place to see all the aspects of your relationship with your customers, prospects, employees, and vendors.  In addition to basic contact information, you can also see all activities, opportunities, invoices, payments, etc. that are associated with each account. Exceed your customer’s expectations when everyone knows what was promised, what was ordered, what projects are under way, and what is scheduled for the future.   Provide excellent service by accessing account history instantly.

Contacts can easily be imported from Outlook, QuickBooks or Excel.

Manage and Create Quotes

Create and send accurate quotes (estimates), schedule follow up, and manage the sales pipeline from within Results CRM.  Results CRM Quotes can be emailed as a PDF directly from within the application.

The Quotes that your Sales Team creates in Results will synchronize with QuickBooks Estimates.  In addition, the Sales Team can select from Products or Product Lines created in QuickBooks or Results.

Users can streamline workflow and ensure every detail from the sales process is persevered by converting quotes, to orders or to invoices.  Users can even assign Tasks to team members to deliver services and products that were just ordered.

Sales Opportunities

The sales opportunity module offers a central place to see detailed information about the sale opportunities or prospects you are tracking.  In addition to capturing general information and status, you can track the specific statuses, activities, documents, notes and quotes associated with each sales opportunity.

Give your Sales Team the tools they need!

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