The entire Results product line can be delivered either In-House or Hosted (In-the-Cloud). Results users can decide which delivery option best suits the needs of their own company. The choice is yours to choose between In-House or Hosted:

Model Description

Results In-House Results Hosted

The In-House model allows companies to own, manage and secure the data that drives their business on their own network.

The entire Results product line can be delivered as an In-House solution, allowing you to access your data without relying on other companies or an internet connection.

The Hosted model allows users to view and manage the data that drives their business from any computer with an internet connection.

The entire Results product line can be delivered as a hosted solution, allowing you to have visibility to your data, regardless of where you or your team members work.

How Results is Delivered

Results In-House Results Hosted

Our In-House model can be delivered in both a Windows as well as a Web-Based model. Our Windows version can be deployed in any organization with a networked environment. In this setup, users do not need an internet connection to access the company data. In addition, Results can easily integrate with other systems that are used on the network.

Our In-House Web-Based model is ideal for companies that like the benefits of our In-House Windows model but also need for users to access data remotely. In this model, our Results Web Mobile product is offered as an add-on to the In-House Windows model and provides a way for users to access company data via the Internet.

Terminal Services and Remote Desktop technology are additional options to providing our In-House Windows model to remote users.

To provide you with the best In-the-Cloud (Hosted) options, we have partnered with award-winning hosting companies to deliver unique and flexible Virtual Office solutions.

Our Hosted Partners are Intuit-Certified to host your QuickBooks data and accordingly can support the powerful bi-directional integration with Results.

These partners can also host Microsoft Office products in an integrated Virtual Desktop, allowing you to leverage our powerful bi-directional integration with Outlook as well as our integration with Word and Excel.

How Results is Delivered

Results In-House Results Hosted
  • Require or desire control of your data on your own site
  • Need to access your data with or without an Internet connection
  • Have the IT infrastructure to install and upgrade your Results system
  • Have access to IT resources to install and manage your Results system
  • Want to avoid relying on other companies to host and backup your data
  • Do not want to (or do not have the resources to) deal with installing or upgrading the Results system
  • Need to get your business up and running quickly – all that you need is an Internet connection
  • Do not have the IT infrastructure to install Results Web Mobile but need Results Mobile features
  • Do not have the infrastructure to install Microsoft SQL but need to use Results Mobile Enterprise
  • Need to support a Virtual Office, with remote users, but do not have a reliable or speedy internet connection

Need help deciding? Speak to a Results Advisor to assess your company needs and determine the best delivery platform.