The Most Complete Accounting Practice Management Solution

Organize client data, track due dates, manage staff and workflow, automate billing, and take advantage of back office integrations. OfficeTools WorkSpace gives you everything you need to run your firm.

  • Keep track of everything

The single place to understand the who, what, where, when, and why for everything in your practice.

  • Eliminate Redundant Databases

Put an end to double, triple, or quadruple data-entry from tax programs, accounting software, calendars, and emails.

  • Single Screen Interface

The days of toggling between programs are over. OfficeTools gives you the power of seven programs in one single screen interface.

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4 stars
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“Work as One” in your own complete Digital Workspace.

Access OfficeTools, Anywhere, Anytime from within Abacus Private Cloud, or with the OfficeTools Mobile Companion App, and get the flexibility and mobility that your firm needs to be digital.

  • Client Intake

Client provided documents and contact information are received directly within OfficeTools through the Client Portal.

  • Scheduling

Schedule client and staff appointments in the OfficeTools Calendar system. It allows tracking of project details including: documents, tracking time and sending reminders and thank you messages through emails, text or print.

  • Scanning

The paperless office is more than simply scanning physical documents into a repository. It also means collating every kind of digital and scanned documents to one place that is easily accessible, tagable, and searchable.

  • The Ultimate Workflow

From the who, what, where and when about tax work, accounting and consulting to how much time was used and how much billing was achieved. All is easily tracked with our Workflow System.

  • Never Miss a Billable Moment

Create and log time from anywhere with the OfficeTools Mobile Companion App. Launch calls directly from the application, and get prompts to log time when you have completed the call.

  • Invoice Flat Fees or Detailed Billings Any Time

No matter how you bill, from time card entry to billing and invoice creation, delivery and payment processing receipt OfficeTools makes it easy to realize every billing opportunity.

  • Stay in Control

Be in control of your schedule – view your appointments directly on your phone with three different views, allowing you to use the view that works for you. Appointment details include, attendees, and notes associated with the appointment.

Service Scheduling
  • Full In-Depth Reporting

Have critical decision making information at your fingertips. Whether it’s billing analysis, staff productivity or client satisfaction, reporting provides us with firm wide information.

Mobile App
  • Manage Billing

Never miss a billable moment – making client calls on the road or from home? Create and log time from anywhere. The mobile app will allow you to launch a call directly from the application, and prompt you to log your time when you have completed the call. Ditch the laptop, use the app instead!

  • Remain Active

Know what is going one, all the time – View your activity list, add new notes, call and to dos. Mark activities as complete and create timecards from anywhere. Viewing upcoming activities by date makes it simple to know what is pressing, regardless of where you are.

  • Continue Progress

Stay up to date on everything with the OfficeTools Companion App. View your appointments directly on your phone with three different views, allowing you to use the view that works for you. Appointment details include, attendees, and notes associated with the appointment. The OfficeTools mobile app synchronizes with your office OfficeTools system every 10 minutes. If you don’t have cell service, don’t worry you will have access to your app and data.

  • A Secure Integrated Portal

Firms need to receive and deliver documents to clients in a simple, secure, and integrated system. OfficeTools adds many other features including appointment requests, bill payment, job completion and client messaging.

  • Digital Signature Tool

Streamline filing by getting client approval faster by sending documents to clients electronically for eSignature. Our esignature solution is IRS compliant and accepted by all states that accept electronic signature.

Integrations Available to Work With the Built-in Power of OfficeTools.

OfficeTools enables seamless workflow to painlessly share contact information between other programs easily and automatically — a necessity for today’s digital firm.

OfficeTools Integrations
  • Tax and Accounting Software

Track return status, auto-sync all client information and link programs. Bill clients and track A/R with the QuickBooks Integration.

  • Email

Automatically file client correspondence in a central location.

  • Communication

Bill for every second of your time and never miss a call with a cloud enabled phone integration.

  • Document Management

From scanning to filing, store and manage client documents in a centralized document repository.