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The progression of QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop has been growing at a rapid pace. With changes and updates constantly occurring, it’s important to be familiar with the latest and greatest versions of both QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop. Being informed is crucial when evaluating what solution is right for you. Whether you have a small to medium sized business or you are an entrepreneur, it’s important to know which accounting software is best fits your needs. While QBO and QBD are both very valuable in their own way, they equally have their own individual disadvantages. Being informed is crucial when evaluating what solution is right for you. Often times hosting QuickBooks Desktop can be a perfect marriage of access and robust features.

Let us handle all your IT, maintenance, backups, and updates. Stop worrying and move your practice to the cloud today!

Facebook doesn't own their content. Uber doesn't own their cars. Why waste time, money, and energy on your own Quickbooks software hosting solution?

  • Full Functionality, Same Look and Feel: Enjoy all of the advantages and functionality of a fully supported desktop solution in a virtual cloud solution environment. No more creating copies or sending routine files back and forth, work in real time.
  • Multi-user Access and Collaboration: Multi-user capabilities allow immediate access to a full desktop and specific Quickbook files. Remote access allows users and clients to work in the same files at the same time with total confidence.
  • Stop Wasting Time: Never wonder if you’re working on the correct version of a document. No inconvenience of visiting a client’s office or using an outdated service to remotely access another computer.
Feature QuickBooks Online Desktop QuickBooks Hosted QuickBooks
Anytime/Anywhere Access
Bank Reconciliation
Collections Center
Convert Estimate to a Purchase Order or Sales Order
Customer Snapshop
Document Management (limited in Online)
Fixed Asset Leader
Inventory Center
Mileage Tracking
Online Banking
Purchase Orders
Sales Orders
Share Report Templates with Intuit Community
Time Tracking and Billing by Customer

If you need all the features of QuickBooks Desktop with the accessibility and flexibility of QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Hosting could be the best of both worlds.