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Embrace the Benefits of Document Automation

From faster turnaround time to increased compliance and reduced risk, our HotDocs Advance document automation solution helps you.

Enhance compliance

Adhere to approved business rules set by internal or industry authorities. Enable template version control to ensure all users or systems that produce documents use the latest, most compliant version.

Fenwick & West LLP

“Our corporate attorneys like the standardization, ease of use, and the fact that they can create packages of documents with the data gathered from client interviews. HotDocs provides a good framework for delivering customized document workflow solutions.”

track everything

OfficeTools technology

Increase efficiency & improve customer service

Improve productivity by speeding up the document creation process by automating repetitive work. Improve efficiency by reducing time spent by staff manually creating first drafts of standard documents.

Detlie Law Firm uses HotDocs

“I use HotDocs constantly in my practice, and I have developed dozens of templates that help me with my practice every day. The process of preparing and revising templates is intuitive, and every minute I invest on templates is repaid in dozens of hours saved.”

Increase quality & reduce risk

Eliminate human errors that can creep into manual processes while reducing wasted time and associated costs. Protect against legal issues stemming from inaccurate, non-compliant content.

Brock & Scott PLLC

“Time savings is the major benefit of HotDocs, but the consistency and quality of the documents we’re producing are just as important. Once we get the templates done, there are no worries in terms of compliance, and documents require minimal review.”

Save with OfficeTools

Leading Document Automation Technology Around the World

< 30 minutes

time to produce a complete set of documents for a client

< 1 hour

to produce documents that would take 6-7 hours manually

2 minutes

to create a set of short-term commercial loan documents down from 2-3 days of manual work

Discover your new document automation routine

See how HotDocs can help your company create accurate documentation in a fraction of the time.

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