Customize AbacusLaw with calendaring and reporting specific to practicing law in Canada

Canadian Legal Software with AbacusLaw PALS

With over 35 years of service and working with law firms all over the world using AbacusLaw, we know what it takes to run a successful firm. In working with clients using AbacusLaw in Canada, we have been able to package some of those key features up in to one Practice Area Legal Solution ("PALS") add-on specific to Canadian operations and accounting. From workflows and reports to fields and terminology, you'll have the tools you need out-of-the-box to take on more cases and consistently deliver 'best possible outcomes' for your clients. 

This turn-key, out-of-the-box solution helps your firm with:

  • Canadian Postal Codes: Abacus Accounting supports Canadian postal codes when using the Canadian PALS. When a Canadian province is entered into the State field in the Address tab on the Matter Maintenance window, the system will require that the value entered into Zip Code field is the correct format for Canadian postal codes. Expected format is A1A 1A1.
  • Canadian LSO Transaction Levies: Law Society of Ontario (LSO) transaction levies are payable by law firms for real estate and civil litigation matters for Ontario, Canada. This is a one-time fee for each matter. Transaction levies can be charged to the client at the firm's discretion. Abacus Accounting has the functionality to maintain the rates for LSO transaction levies and to track transaction levy surcharges when using the Canadian PALS.
  • LSO Transaction Levy Surcharge Reports: There are two LSO transaction levy surcharge reports available under General Ledger reports: LSO Transaction Levy Detail and LSO Transaction Levy Summary. These reports list the LSO transaction levy surcharges entered. Both reports can be filtered by date range and levy type. The Detail report can be further filtered by matter or attorney.
  • Canadian GST/HST: Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) can be managed using the Canadian PALS. After GST/HST rate maintenance is complete, the amount of GST/HST and sales tax is calculated during billing based on the rate effective on the invoice date in the tax jurisdiction for the matter. If the tax jurisdiction of the client matter follows GST+PST rate type, the sales tax and GST/HST are calculated separately. Once matters and the client expense have been set up as taxable, taxes are calculated on fees and costs at the time of printing bills.

Utilize the powerful functions of AbacusLaw, further customized for practicing law in Canada

Streamline case intake and setup; using rules to automate deadlines, to-dos, and milestone reminders; accelerating document generation; and firm productivity reports. Our Canadian PALS includes the additional LSO, GST, and HST features and reports to make your job easier.

Contact your sales rep today to see about getting the Canadian PALS added to your existing AbacusLaw subscription. For a demo of these new features, or for more info about AbacusLaw or other solutions from AbacusNext, contact us today.