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What does SSL Report mean and how is SSL Report compliance determined?

SSL Report“SSL” stands for secure sockets layer, which is a type of security safeguard that encrypts sensitive data on many websites. If you’ve ever noticed a green lock next a website in the browser URL bar, this means you’re visiting a SSL-compliant website. SSL Labs provides comprehensive reporting and testing on how well organizations are implementing SSL on their client-facing websites and internal servers.

Unlike certification programs such as NIST or legal standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, there is no formal set of compliance rules for becoming SSL Report-certified. In fact, it’s an online diagnostic test run by Qualys SSL Labs that analyzes the health of your SSL setup. This test grades your servers on a sliding letter grade scale after and provides generates suggestions on how to improve your score. While there are no penalties associated with receiving a bad score, having a deficient SSL certificate setup can result in potential sanctions under HIPAA , PCI DSS, PIPEDA and other common standards.

How does SSL Report data center and cloud hosting work?

All Abacus Private Cloud accounts include SSL-encrypted security features. In fact, all of our Private Cloud accounts are run off our international network of SSL-encrypted data centers—all of which have been SSL-A certified by SSL Report.

How can I audit and maintain compliance with SSL Report?

Our team of SSL hosting experts regularly audit our data centers using comprehensive SOC-level reporting standards, and monitor all accounts and servers for software updates, patches, and potential technical bugs so you don’t need to.

Are there Abacus clients that are SSL Report compliant today?

Yes! Contact us today to learn more about how our Abacus Private Cloud’s SSL-A rated data centers can help ensure you can safely and securely run your business.

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