The interviews lessen the amount of user interaction needed to complete a document, which simplifies the process and saves us valuable time. Not to mention, being in the legal industry, the opportunity to include technology like HotDocs was incredibly attractive.

the organization’s CIO


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The functionality of AbacusLaw running on the superior cloud service Abacus Private Cloud make this a no-brainer! All of my applications and programs are integrated in one place for one excellent price.

Steven Cahn
Cahn Litigation, LLC
Roslyn Heights, N.Y.


Kontor Business Support

ResultsCRM in-the cloud has removed the dependency on an individual team member’s availability. No matter where we are, anyone on our team has the info they need to follow up with our prospects, ensuring we do not miss a sale opportunity.

Peggy Spear
Kontor Business Support
Orlando, FL


I have been a loyal customer of the Amicus Attorney software for years, while recommending it to colleagues wherever I go and I am certain that moving forward will be great for us all!!!

Carlos A. Medina, Esq.
Law Office of Carlos A. Medina, PLLC

Amicus Attorney

From the get-go the Abacus support team has been of tremendous help to our firm. Their knowledge and support are invaluable. The service we have received is above and beyond anything we have ever expected. My experience has been nothing short of exceptional!

Ellen Sauseda
Victoria, TX


We’re incredibly pleased by the exceptional customer service provided by Abacus. Their ability to consistently answer all of our questions and ensure our satisfaction makes us look forward to upcoming software updates, features, and support!  

Kiva Lawrence
Mathur Law Offices, P.C.
Rowlett, TX


Vozza & Huguenot

When I get a call from a client, in just one-click I can see everything about their case to immediately answer their questions. Even better, if Im unavailable and my assistant answers the phone, she too can see their case file to provide instant gratification. 

Frank Vozza
Vozza & Huguenot
Bronx, NY


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For AbacusLaw, the most important feature I utilize would have to be the way it gathers and keeps all the information through the Matter system. Whether it's setting events, doing the conflict checks, being able to have a team of people work on the same case, or keeping all the notes, all the information in one place. It is so time-saving and makes my job so much easier, I cannot tell you. I love the AbacusLaw system. It is one of the greatest case management systems I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot of them. And the Cloud makes my business possible. When I started my firm, I had two locations. I had an office in Las Vegas; I had an office in Southern California. Without the Cloud, I couldn't have functioned. When I started bringing on staff with flexible work schedules or who needed to work from home (contract attorneys who might be taking care of young children or have other family flex needs), the Cloud allowed them to work from anywhere. It was the best investment. I have had experience with PCLaw, ProLaw, MyCase, CLIO — all of them. I've used them all. And as a trial attorney, I found most of them were clunky. I found most of them had bugs when it came to billing and trust software. Some of them you could not trust. Things didn't reconcile. Things just didn't work, or, on some of the programs, the customer service was abysmal. You couldn't get a human being to save your life. They were counterintuitive, it took too much time, you had to go in through six different screens; there was no choice. As soon as I learned about Abacus, that was it. That was the product I chose. I am having a great return on investment on Abacus. It makes my business possible. It makes the way that I live in multiple states possible. It also makes it easier to have staff, hire staff, use flex time for staff. I would absolutely refer you to colleagues in my industry for the Cloud service, for the law service, for the customer service, for the security benefits. If I have a power outage, if my computer goes down, or if a desktop gets a virus, it doesn't matter. My data is safe, my information is safe, my entire firm is safe with you.

Assly Sayyar
Assly Sayyar, Attorney at Law, Inc.
Vista, CA


APX is so easy to use and it integrates perfectly with my software, which is convenient because I don't have to go outside of my system to process a credit card transaction.

Dan Drenth
JD Legal Planning PLLC
Fargo, ND


WorkSpace was so far ahead of the curve, that’s what got me interested. We were up and running in two days, now we’ve been using it for four years and got so much value from it. We’re now doing things we could never have done before.

Mike Gordon, CPA, Owner


moser rose consulting

Just like a diet, if you follow the instructions, your billables will increase. Ours did! I like AbacusLaw because it increases billability, gives you more control over your budget, and all of your financial matters are in one place for ease of management.

Dave Rose
Rose Consulting Law
Duluth, GA


Abacus has everything we need for our daily functions and makes basic accounting easy. We can access our client's many different ways (i.e.: name, matter, ID). I love the way the top bar is set up. The icons are used daily. I can print out reports for the partner within seconds. Easy transfer of funds from one client to another.

Angela Lee
Boyer & Boyer
Fort Wayne, IN


Farm Credit Services of Mandan

Results allows us to seamlessly turn billable activities into invoices. Within minutes, we have all of our appropriate customers billed.

Todd Klee
Farm Credit Services of Mandan
Mandan, ND


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AbacusLaw is everything you need to manage your law practice in one convenient place! The technical support that comes with AbacusLaw is world class - you talk with a real person who cares about your problems and will work with you to fix any issues.

Thomas J. Azar, Jr
Azar Law Offices


I recommend the use of Amicus Attorney to manage your files and provide correspondence of consistent appearance.

Robert Schuett
Robert Schuett Professional Corporation

Amicus Attorney