AbacusLaw has helped me organize my case load and contacts. The use of forms has also improved my efficiency.

Jonathan Delshad
Los Angeles, CA


Farm Credit Services of Mandan

Results allows us to seamlessly turn billable activities into invoices. Within minutes, we have all of our appropriate customers billed.

Todd Klee
Farm Credit Services of Mandan
Mandan, ND


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WorkSpace was so far ahead of the curve, that’s what got me interested. We were up and running in two days, now we’ve been using it for four years and got so much value from it. We’re now doing things we could never have done before.

Mike Gordon, CPA, Owner


Our office has been working with Abacus for more than a decade.  In the 2017, our office switched to the APC environment.   After some trial and error, our office learned that for our purposes a direct, one point of contact method worked better for us than the general call center for our day to day needs.   After our office selected to have one point of contact, our levels of satisfaction with the APC environment were significantly increased.  APC went from being a product that was “ok” to a product that has been “great” for our firm productivity.   Nic, our APC contact, is very knowledgeable and very accommodating to our specific firm needs.  As a law firm administrator, having a TAM has lessened the amount of time I have to personally spend on managing these systems.  We would recommend the APC and the TAM service product.Thanks!

Shannon Schwarzwalder
Keough & Moody, P.C.
Naperville, IL


Syneco Systems Inc.

Results is a high tech company with “oldfashioned” customer service. From my first communication with sales, to purchase, implementation and support, I have always been treated with respect and felt that everyone on the Results team was genuinely interested in meeting our needs.

Tina Sepin
Syneco Systems Inc
Chanhassen, MN


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After receiving my on board training, I’m very excited to use the Abacus Law systems. Looking forward to years of successful association with the Team at Abacus law.

Barry Sabahat
Barzin Barry Sabahat
San Jose, CA


With eight different users at our office, Practice Management it is extremely beneficial with contact management. We take pictures of all of our clients, and we’re able to follow up on key deadlines, so it is making us more effective and efficient.

David Tucker


Jose Romano has been consistently available, proactive, professional, and well-informed about a range of topics/concerns affecting us as new Abacus users. He has acted as a liaison between our firm and a range of Abacus (and Amicus) technicians, and also between our firm and Abacus sales. As a new Abacus user and as a professional for whom hiring and PR are of paramount importance, I can genuinely report that Mr. Romano is an asset to AbacusNext, and that he represents the company and his department extremely well. We feel lucky to have been in contact with Mr. Romano *specifically* throughout the past months, and are pleased to provide feedback to that end.

Rina M. Rothmann
Orenstein & Associates
Montreal, Quebec

Professional Services

My experience as a new user has been positive. I like the ability to learn about the software at my own pace and being able to use a variety of methods to get the information. Overall, it is comprehensive in scope so I can keep all of my relevant information in one place and retrieve it on the fly, which means I can answer client inquiries effectively and efficiently.  

Donald Hedervare Jr.
Martin & Hedervare PLLC
St. Paul, MN


I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that your employee, Andrew Rodriguez, our point of contact at Abacus, has been wonderful during our upgrade and subsequent cutover to the Abacus Private Cloud.  Andrew is always promptly responsive and willi

Kimberly R. Guidry
Palazzo Law Firm
Gretna, Louisiana


Just wanted to let you know about my positive experience in dealing with Ed Stockwell. He has been patient and helpful throughout the migration progress from Amicus to Abacus and I am very pleased with the outcome. He continues to work with us addressing our issues and if he is unable to assist us in a particular area, he directs us to someone who can.

Dianna Bauer
Ridgewood, NJ



With so many other “disruptive” alternative providers emerging, lawyers will need to be able to offer something more than what clients can do themselves over the internet.  HotDocs powerful automation, combined with its cloud platform, should enable even the smallest of law firms to access the type of technology that previously only the largest firms could afford.  It wouldn’t have been possible for us to build a business like LawHawk without the ability to leverage a world-class platform like HotDocs.

Gene Turner
New Zealand


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Miami Legal Firm

I don’t have to go crazy looking for information. I don’t have to get up and look for files. I’ve created task lists for myself in Amicus, and I don’t like to see them pile up, so I make sure I get them done. I totally love Amicus Attorney.

Danay Acevedo
Miami Legal Firm
Miami, FL

Amicus Attorney

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The Abacus Professional Services team has been calming, knowledgeable, and their ability to fix issues admirable. We cannot thank them enough for sticking by our side each time we called in for help. 

Marcy Zimmerman
James & Zimmerman, P.L.
De Land, FL


I wholeheartedly recommend the Abacus Private cloud. The folks at Abacus could not have been easier to work with, on top of that, we have eliminated IT costs!

David Gossom
Law Offices of David F. Gossom
Wichita Falls, TX