We found Abacus approximately 15 years ago and have found it to be a marvelous tool in calendaring and to follow-up & make sure that we dont miss and deadlines or hearings. We used Timeslips and other types of billing programs and they were never accurate and we always had to change addresses in more than one database. But now with the Abacus billing we dont have to do that and we can pull up simply, even in the front office, to see what a persons balance is and it has just made quite a difference in our business.

Nancy Wright
South Bend, IN

Professional Services

Profitable Accounting

Results has a unique combination of playing well with other programs and keeping track of details not available in QuickBooks. It has allowed us to significantly streamline our invoice, vendor and time tracking processes to increase our billable time and bottom line.

Michelle Stephens
Profitable Accounting
Phoenix, AZ


The software is very easy to understand from a programming perspective, so we have the ability to modify our templates internally. The granular control we have allows us to react immediately to regulatory and process changes requested by our legal department.

Paula Olufs
American AgCredit


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I wanted to tell you that I received nothing but outstanding service from Dylan and Tom during this purchase. I made the call this morning and we purchased it by afternoon with all the help these gentlemen put in. They have been attentive, immediate responses and catering to our needs. Thank you for hiring such great innovators.

Brandy Hawkins
Murnane & O'Neill
Glen Burnie, MD


AbacusLaw is the smartest purchase of my career. It tracks all deadlines, manages countless details, and gives us instant access to all client files. Abacus has earned our trust.

Ward Merdes
Fairbanks, AK



Immediately after clicking off a payment I like how APX automatically emails you a recipt, confiming that everything went through correctly. It's easy to utilize- I would recommend it to other legal professionals. 

Sandy Jones
Bolen Robinson & Ellis
Decatur, IL


It really makes everything accessible and easy, allows you to take control of the files.

Dennis Ko
Motooka & Yamamoto

Amicus Attorney

I am writing in to let you know that I was highly satisfied with my experience with the Abacus tech support. I called in for a problem, and within just a few minutes, IT WAS SOLVED! It took a little time, a little effort, and a lot of patience and a whole lot of willingness to see the problem through. That is HUGE in my book!

Pam Freeman
Barker Law, LLP
Pratt, KS


The client services team was extremely pleasant to work with! They stuck with my case and solved my problem!   

Jill Applegate
Parranto & Applegate, LLP
Santa Rosa, CA


Amicus practice management software is very comprehensive, functional, and practical for all types of legal professionals, from solos to large firms.

Craig Call
Scheer & Montgomery, P.C.

Amicus Attorney

Reiner, Slaughter, McCartney & Frankel Law Offices

AbacusLaw 2015 offers a friendlier user-interface and facilities greater collaboration with our remote employees. Everyone has visibility into the case file and can easily find the information they need.

Linda Scoubes
Reiner, Slaughter, McCartney & Frankel Law Offices
Redding, CA


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As an Abacus Private Cloud client, I recently purchased a new software program from a third party vendor. I contacted the APC Total Care Team late Friday afternoon to install it on my system. To make a long story short, the APC team did not receive the download link from the vendor. Instead of turning me away to solve the problem myself, the engineer stayed on the phone with me while I attempted to sort out my issue with the other vendor. To make matters worse, I was under pressure to have the program installed because I had a training session scheduled on the new program for Saturday morning. The APC engineer was gracious and patient throughout the entire process and even gave me extra tips on AbacusLaw while we were on hold. He made me feel like I had someone on my side while I was experiencing extreme frustration with the other vendor. In the end, he was able to successfully install the program for me! On Saturday I woke up to an e-mail from the engineer asking me if everything seemed to be working okay with the new program. Later in the day I emailed him with another question and he called me, on a Saturday, to assist me. The APC team’s care and concern for the customer is noticed and very much appreciated! Experiences like this confirm why our firm is always recommending Abacus to our legal colleagues.

Marla Nathan
Santa Ana, CA


My name is John Bedard and I am an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.  I own a small firm of only four attorneys.  I have been a proud Abacus beta tester for many years. In 2009 I left a successful partnership to start my own firm.  At the time, I felt very strongly that my new firm needed a solid foundation of software tools upon which to operate and grow my practice.  I needed complete law practice management tools, something my old firm did not have.  I studied the market and tested a few different products.  I chose Abacus Law.  The biggest factor in that decision was how Abacus handled email.  This was a very big challenge at my old firm and I wanted something to solve that problem.  Abacus e-mail features have come a long way since 2009!  And my conviction that Abacus is the best tool for my office has not waivered since. Over time, my needs for software features grew and when I could not find them in Abacus I spoke up.  As a result, I was personally invited to become a beta-tester to which I happily accepted.  It is truly amazing to see some of the suggestions from my office actually become full-fledged features in AbacusLaw! Recently we found some “hidden features” in an Accounting beta that caused billing to malfunction. It was Friday and “billing day” was Saturday. I couldn’t get the bills out. Panic ensued. The only thing I knew to do Saturday morning was report it the beta email address.  To my surprise, I received an immediate response on Saturday morning.  I felt so conflicted between asking for weekend help and waiting until Monday to do billing, which would no doubt cost me an entire workday. By Saturday evening, I had a fix installed and I completed billing Sunday morning.  I was utterly impressed – little Atlanta law firm was receiving such personal, emergency service. I felt like the missing person for whom the government dispatched the entire military apparatus to locate and rescue. I am so grateful for their patience and expertise. They cared about me.  It is easy to forget how our work affects lives.  If we cannot bill, we cannot earn income.  That income feeds my family of 5. It buys diapers for my associate’s 7-month old daughter. It helps my other attorneys feed and grow their families. Our entire law practice depends on Abacus. It is the foundation of our firm.  It is our most important tool. Thank you to the entire Abacus team for the work you do for us.

John Bedard
Bedard Law Group, P.C.
Duluth, Georgia


Our office has been working with Abacus for more than a decade.  In the 2017, our office switched to the APC environment.   After some trial and error, our office learned that for our purposes a direct, one point of contact method worked better for us than the general call center for our day to day needs.   After our office selected to have one point of contact, our levels of satisfaction with the APC environment were significantly increased.  APC went from being a product that was “ok” to a product that has been “great” for our firm productivity.   Nic, our APC contact, is very knowledgeable and very accommodating to our specific firm needs.  As a law firm administrator, having a TAM has lessened the amount of time I have to personally spend on managing these systems.  We would recommend the APC and the TAM service product.Thanks!

Shannon Schwarzwalder
Keough & Moody, P.C.
Naperville, IL


I wanted to praise Robyn Drake and Cloud 9/Abacus for the wonderful service I have received recently. Robyn is pleasant, dependable, prompt and thorough. She is a delight to work with. 

Dianne Mastbrook
Lucas, Moreland and MastBrook, Inc.
McLean, VA