The APC Total Care Team has been helping me migrate from AbacusLaw to Abacus Private Cloud. There have been several long conversations where your team has patiently helped me with all my concerns and questions. The team has never made me feel bad about not understanding things three or four times in a row but reassures me, and that is something to be truly proud of. I just wanted to let you know that your customer support has been fabulous!

Stacey Dorenfeld
Dorenfeld Law

Professional Services

Farm Credit Services of Mandan

Results allows us to seamlessly turn billable activities into invoices. Within minutes, we have all of our appropriate customers billed.

Todd Klee
Farm Credit Services of Mandan
Mandan, ND


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Anyone attempting to be a virtual lawyer needs this program and this platform. My office is anywhere I have Wi-Fi and my practice is possible because of this piece of technology. I can walk into a courtroom with 10 cases in a row to do, and not carry a piece of paper because my case notes are there at my fingertips. All of this would be nothing if not for their customer service!

Robert Noone
Robert Noone Legal Services
Logan, West Virginia


John helped us today install our updates, fixed several major problems, and one very unique problem that we stumbled across!  He was very patient and very kind!!  Thanks for hiring such great people. 

Shannon Williams Coleman
Law Office of Shannon H. Williams P.C.
Southaven, MS


The customer support is excellent. The team is always happy and willing to assist with any issues. Pros include having our data in the cloud, the ability to link emails and documents to each client, and the reports capability.

Tonya McKeown
Brian J. White, APC
San Diego, CA


AbacusLaw is absolutely fantastic! It gives clients the illusion that youve memorized every contact, every matter-virtually every detail of the case. When a client calls, you have instant access to a ton of information.

Elliot Zimmerman
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Abacus Payment Exchange is convenient, easy to use when clients want to pay with a credit card, and cost effective. In fact, it is costing us substantially less than the previous vendor we used. It also works really well in the cloud environment. At this point, APX has become a necessity for my practice.

Norman J. Ullom-Morse
Norman J. Ullom-Morse, Attorney at Law
Westerville, Ohio


Easy to use and effective calendaring system that integrates with QuickBooks.

Marilyn Powell
Viles Law Offices, LLC

Amicus Attorney

The biggest benefit to us was getting rid of our old time-keeping system, Time Slips. We used it for 25 years and were so glad to get rid of it. It was a very natural, easy change. We simply set up Office Tools to use the same steps that we had been doing manually. We’re totally paperless now. We use Practice Management all day long.

Larry Harrison


Law Offices of David F. Gossom

We've eliminated the IT costs. I don't have to ever call in one of these IT guys that, I think, probably doesn't know much more than I do, but he can just get paid by the hour to guess. That has been a big, big benefit to us.

David F. Gossom
The Law Offices of David F. Gossom


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I absolutely SWEAR by Amicus. I’ve used it for years, I get each upgrade as soon as it comes out and the support is fantastic. I cannot say enough good or recommend it highly enough.

Janne Osborne
Attorney at Law

Amicus Attorney

The Abacus Support team is courteous, helpful, and incredibly prompt. They always go the extra mile to resolve any of my issues!

O. Terry Beverly
Conway, SC


The Zimmerman Law Firm

We needed customized screens for each type of case we handle. We described our vision to the Abacus team and they surpassed our expectations in creating what we pictured & only better!

Tracy Floyd
The Zimmerman Law Firm
Waco, TX


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With 250,000 users they must be doing something right! I suspect that those of us without issues don't bother to comment. It makes sense that if you have had a problem then you squawk about it. I know I do! Our firm has been using this product for over eight years. In recommending it to another firm I came across these reviews. I could not disagree more. Like any system it takes some training. We hired an outside instructor to come in for two days to train. Once we got the basics down we grew with it. The nice feature it comes with is that every time you log in, it gives you tips for the day that expand your knowledge or remind you of something you may have forgotten. The features that I appreciate most are linking your emails from Outlook to the matters file. That is an enormous time saver. The notes file is likewise extremely useful in refreshing your memory on things that have transpired. Both come with a preview of the content similar to your email. It makes life easy and certain with the current forms embedded for civil matters and court forms. The home screen might not be as pretty as some but it is very simple to understand and use. Documents get scanned and saved to the matters file with ease. Overall there is nothing about our personal I jury cases I can't put my hands on quickly. And remotely when I am out of the office. Some have complained about customer service. I guess that is a universal complaint we all have with almost software company. But honestly, when our IT guy gets on the phone with them and they speak the same language, we have never had a problem. I could not run our firm without Abacus.

Bill Robinson


Just wanted to let you know about my positive experience in dealing with Ed Stockwell. He has been patient and helpful throughout the migration progress from Amicus to Abacus and I am very pleased with the outcome. He continues to work with us addressing our issues and if he is unable to assist us in a particular area, he directs us to someone who can.

Dianna Bauer
Ridgewood, NJ