Combining years of client feedback and deep usability research, AbacusLaw 2015 brings you the features and functionality you know and love, in a simpler, beautiful and intuitive format. The interface has been given an updated look and feel with easy-to-read fonts, attractively redesigned windows, icons and graphics and increased whitespace in response to our clients’ recommendations and desires.
Frequently Asked Questions
For questions or installation assistance, please call the Client Services Engineers, M-F from 6am-5pm PST. We are happy to assist you.
How do I know if I’m eligible to upgrade to AbacusLaw 2015?
If you are an active VIP member or an Abacus Private Cloud client you are entitled to the upgrade at no additional charge. To become a VIP member or to migrate to Abacus Private Cloud please call 1-800-726-3339 or email
How do I upgrade to AbacusLaw 2015?
It’s easy! Click here for a complete guide to upgrade your AbacusLaw software.

Or if you prefer, the Client Services Engineers can perform the installation for you. To schedule an installation appointment please call 1-800-488-3334, Monday – Friday from 6am-5pm PST or email

What are the system enhancements and new features in AbacusLaw 2015?
Click here for a sneak peek of AbacusLaw 2015

How do I use the 2015 feature enhancements?
AbacusLaw 2015 Calendar Help
View a live tour of AbacusLaw 2015 here

How do I turn off the update notifications if I am not the administrator?
Uncheck the User Preference ‘Get admin alerts from Abacus’.

Note: There must be at least 1 user with this turned on.

How will this upgrade affect my database?
Your current AbacusLaw data will stay intact under Abacus/v22/dataXX. A new directory Abacus/v23/dataXX will be created, copying the data from your current installation into AbacusLaw 2015.

When I attempt to begin my installation, it tells me that there are users still logged in. How do I proceed?
All users must be logged out of AbacusLaw in order to perform the upgrade. Please verify all users have closed out of AbacusLaw, Accounting, Messageslips and Outlook. Then run the installation again. If the message persists a reboot of your server will be required before running the installation.

My prospects and secondary databases did not migrate during the upgrade, how do I fix this?
You need to create a new database through AbacusLaw. Go to File > New Database > Existing Abacus data from an earlier version and navigate to your Prospects or other secondary database to begin conversion. We recommend converting these in the order of data directory numbers. (e.g. data02 then data03, etc.)

While installing at my server, I received a message asking me to install on my server.
This occurs when you launch AbacusLaw through a mapped network drive or by UNC path. Close AbacusLaw and open it from the local drive. (E.g. C:\)

Do I need to reboot my computer if the installation prompts me to?
No. Click ‘Cancel’ to all reboot messages during installation. You may reboot after installation has completed.

Where can I find my registration information?
You may find this information two ways:
1. Open AbacusLaw and go to File > Register and write down Customer ID and Firm Name

2. Call Client Services at 1-800-488-3334, M-F from 6am-5pm PST

I do not have Abacus Accounting after my upgrade. How do I enable it?
This will occur if the Accounting module was not selected during installation. This requires a re-installation of 2015. Click here for a complete guide to upgrade your AbacusLaw software.

After the installation I logged into Abacus Mobile and receive a message that my mobile license has expired.
Registering AbacusLaw on your server will reload your licensing information. From your server, open AbacusLaw and go to File > Register > Activate.

My Calendar toolbar icons do not appear correctly. How can I fix this?
Follow these steps to clear the preferences for an older toolbar icon set:

    Go to File > Setup > User Preferences
    Click on the Appearance tab and navigate to Background Profile
    Click Edit > Main Window Background > Toolbar Icon Set
    Click Cancel > Click Yes

How long does the installation take?
Typically, we recommend setting aside 30 minutes to 1 hour for the full upgrade process. This is only an estimate, computer speed and database size will affect how long the upgrade takes.

The installation appears to be frozen
Occasionally, a message prompt will be behind another open window. Moving the other windows will let you look behind them for any prompts to continue. If there are no open windows please call Client Services at 1-800-488-3334, M-F from 6am-5pm PST for assistance.

Does the update need to be run on each workstation?
The upgrade is completed on the server. Each workstation is updated upon login after installation on the server.