An Exclusive Interview with AbacusNext CEO Alessandra Lezama about HotDocs and the Cloud

In an interview with TechnoLawyer, author Neil J. Squillante talks in depth with AbacusNext CEO Alessandra Lezama on the acquisitions of HotDocs, and what may be in store in the future for AbacusNext, HotDocs, cloud computing, and more.

“Automated document assembly is something all of our clients can benefit from, from legal to accounting to finance, and we’re going to make sure they can take full advantage of HotDocs, ” said CEO Alessandra Lezama.

“We’ve done a lot of work to show our clients that cloud-enabled and cloud-optimized desktop applications actually run better on the cloud than they ever did locally, and they come with the added mobility, security, and disaster recovery that our private cloud provides.”

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