“OhioDocs [helps] OSBA members increase productivity, lower costs, minimize errors, improve document consistency and better serve their clients.”
- Carmen V. Roberto, Ohio State Bar Association
“The result is better quality documents, customer satisfaction, and a vast improvement in the production time frame. We've also seen improvements in overall issue resolution and a reduction in the potential for legal challenges.”
- Mark Robinson, The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)


“HotDocs is used by Human Resources and Legal”
- IT Project Manager, ECE, ECE
“This not only saves our staff a significant amount of time, but also provides us with an edge over the competition for how quickly we can generate documentation for our clients.”
- Jacqueline Cisar, Lockmann Krane
“HotDocs is an essential part of our business and we would highly recommend the product.”
- Jenny Reed, Wilkins Kennedy
“ HotDocs is a good product and helps us to industrialize the design and production of telecom spacecraft.”
- EADS Space Engineer, The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
“HotDocs provided us with an improved policy issuance system, which eliminated past backlog, and provided accurate and timely policies, thus improving customer service. The library also ensured the integrity of our policy documents was protected.”
- Rachel Thomson, XL Insurance
“We have completely transformed the way we create our policy documentation. Our process is much more efficient, saving us hundreds of work hours each month all while increasing the quality of our documents. ”
- Steve Miller, Catholic United Financial
“HotDocs has become such an integral part of the way we work that it is now inconceivable that we could ever do without it.”
- John Naccarato
“he system is used by the Finance department's Audit group and significantly cuts the amount of time and effort necessary to produce these letters for the firm's clients.”
- Kelli Kane, Ballard Spahr
“. HotDocs Workspace proved an excellent base for the development of specific document automation solutions and the support for it has been outstanding – prompt and knowledgeable when our queries were technical, experienced and perceptive”
- Ian Thomson, Minter Ellison
“HotDocs has allowed us to reduce turnaround time for legal document generation, allowing our attorneys to focus their expertise on addressing legal issues unique to each of our clients.”
- Mark Gerow, Fenwick & West LLP
“Nearly all of our documents are generated with HotDocs. Right now in our Template Portal”
- IT Project Specialist, Brock & Scott, PLLC
“I tried different software systems, but I did not find an automatic document assembly software program that holds a candle to HotDocs.”
- Richard Keyt, Keyt Law
“Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek chose HotDocs because it's the industry leader in document automation tools”
- Al Ciochon, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.
“ The Knowledge Management team at [Hogan Lovells has] worked with [HotDocs] for many years and [has] found that the customer support that we have received has always met our high expectations.”
- Jayne Britton, Hogan Lovells
“We chose HotDocs because it was accessible to our legal professionals and had good traction across the legal industry.”
- Mark Gerow, Fenwick & West LLP
“ I tried different software systems, but I did not find an automatic document assembly software program that holds a candle to HotDocs.”
- Richard Keyt, Keyt Law
“Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek chose HotDocs because it's the industry leader in document automation tools," said Al Ciochon, Director of IT, "and because it can perform the complex logic required to build our legal documents.”
- Al Ciochon, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek
“It's a great calling card for our firm”
- Lowell Ness, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
“HotDocs powerful automation, combined with its cloud platform, should enable even the smallest of law firms to access the type of technology that previously only the largest firms could afford.”
- Gene Turner, LawHawk
“HotDocs is a great innovation. It makes it so easy to create pleadings.”
- Legal Aid SA user, Legal Aid South Africa
“This company-wide deployment of a document automation solution will facilitate an increase in cost-efficiency and productivity empowering us with time to spend on legal content”
- Axel Dippmann, CMS Germany
““HotDocs is central to my practice and helps me do a better job for my clients. I have noticed that the pace of innovation within HotDocs has picked up, and recent changes within HotDocs, such as online access to HotDocs, will make it even more useful”
- Detlie, H. Edwin Detlie
“We previously supported up to 8 different notes, whereas now we support just one note template and let HotDocs determine which variant to produce based on user input during the interview.”
- Paula Olufs, American AgCredit
“As the complexity of regulations within the financial industry continues to rise, standardization is becoming ever more important. HotDocs has become our communication medium.”
- David Brown, Western AgCredit
“We're processing in excess of 350,000 security and loan documents every year. HotDocs makes the process fast, flexible and efficient, providing us with a readily maintained system.”
- Head of Credit Documentation, The Royal Bank of Scotland
“For me personally, as a lawyer, HotDocs opened a whole new area and it became important part of my qualification. HotDocs has given me a lot of satisfaction and joy in my work too.”
- Jakub Šváb, J&T BANKA
Carmona Law
“Skype for Business integrated with AbacusLaw is user-friendly, convenient, and helpful.”
- Andrea Casanova, Carmona Law
“I really appreciate the fact that I can access my calendar from my phone for easier scheduling when in the field”
- The Kabb Law Firm
“We finally found a cloud system that is secure, intuitive and easy to learn.”
- David Epstein , Law Offices of David B. Epstein, PC
“Abacus Private Cloud is the customized virtual platform our firm needs...”
- Scott Warmuth, Law Offices of Scott Warmuth
“Amicus gives me the ability to be a great advocate for my clients, and still have a life outside the office.”
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“Abacus Private Cloud™ is a quick and responsive environment that remains customizable and reliable...”
- Immigration Center for Women and Children, Immigration Center for Women and Children
“The Abacus Private Cloud saves me time, saves me money, and is perfect for Dorenfeld Law”
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“If you can imagine it, you can do it with Results.”
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Farm Credit Services of Mandan
“Within minutes, we have all of our appropriate customers billed.”
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Cargo Control USA
“Results offers an incredible value to our organization.”
- Denise Godfrey, Cargo Control USA
“Moving from paper files to Amicus Attorney now provides time savings of 20 hours per week across the entire firm.”
- Danay Acevedo, Miami Legal Group
“Results provides the powerful business management tools we needed to link all departments together and make data immediately accessible.”
- James Easley, Truly Noble Services
“I cannot say enough about the Results product and the team that surrounds it. ”
- David Walker, PCG
“Results gives our sales force a tool for lead and contact management.”
- President, The Molding Depot
Profitable Accounting
“Results has a unique combination of playing well with other programs and keeping track of details not available in QuickBooks.”
- Michelle Stephens, Profitable Accounting
Hoffman Nursery
“Results has had a positive impact on the way we do everything in our company”
- Shannon Currey, Hoffman Nursery
Kontor Business Group
“No matter where we are, anyone on our team has the info they need.”
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“Abacus Private Cloud is definitely the way to go.”
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