The modern, comprehensive, and intuitive legal scheduling system that works the way you do.

Our calendaring system delivers a friendly Microsoft Outlook-like experience while putting powerful organizational tools at your fingertips, enabling you to easily and efficiently collaborate with your entire staff. With our legal calendaring software, you can schedule appointments, track deadlines, and leap over challenges in a single bound.

Features you’ll love include:

  • Full integration with Outlook, so your appointments appear in Outlook and every other connected device – and vice versa
  • Mobile access to view and update your calendar from your smart phone or tablet
  • Smart alarms alert you of upcoming tasks at designated intervals
  • Automated court docketing
  • Calculate dates according to legal – or practical – rules
  • Track adjournments
  • Link events for rescheduling together
  • Automatically notify attendees (including people outside your firm) of changes and remind them to attend
  • Convenient group scheduling allows for easy identification and scheduling of everyone’s calendars
  • Create and save customized calendar profiles
  • Calendar rules and workflows to automatically and accurately schedule a series of events
  • Customize the colors, fonts, and views to suit your specific needs
  • The malpractice alert report details any matters that have no future activities calendared
  • Print a calendar report to see all events scheduled for a particular attorney or your entire office

Our calendar does time entry for you in a click – or reminds you if you forget. So be your office superhero and use the most comprehensive legal calendar on the market. 

The best rules-based docket and calendar software for law firms. There is simply no better calendar for lawyers in the world.

Rules-Based Legal Calendaring with AbacusLaw Case Management Software
Legal Calendaring with AbacusLaw Case Management Software