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Beyond “Pay Now”: Cloud-Based Billing Offers Clients a Better Experience

An automated cloud billing and payment process offers flexibility, is easy for clients to use, improves trust, and gets your firm paid faster.

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Attracting New Law Firm Clients: Taking Referral Efforts to the Next Level

Remember the game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?..

Pricing legal services as your firm grows and expands

Since the beginning of the 21st century, law firm pricing has evolved significantly...

Owning Your Paralegal Superpower

As you know all-too-well, the hallmark traits of a perfect paralegal are detail-oriented, organized, and efficient...

Thank us later: Why court rules reduce risk and improve case management

Let’s start with the calendar, where many attorneys start their day...

Three Steps to Creating More Cash Flow in Your Firm Through Improved Workflow Efficiency

Do you think about implementing technology as solely an expense for your firm?..

How Paralegals Promote Productivity by Terminating Tedious Tasks

Just because you’re a few rungs from the top of your law firm’s ladder doesn’t mean that you cannot make a significant contribution...

Document Automation Keeps Insurance Companies Competitive

According to WorkMarket’s “2020 In(Sight) Report: What AI and Automation Really Mean For Work, “70% of business professionals report that they spend up to 40% of their time on routine tasks like searching, modifying and sending documents...

Why Every Accounting Firm Needs a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Strategy

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is key for accounting practitioners and firms that want to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive market...

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