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The Newest AbacusLaw–Shorten Your Collection Time!

Online payments NOW includes the flexibility to schedule installments or recurring payments to guarantee your cash flow. Contact our team below to enroll in Abacus Payment Exchange for an integrated e-payment solution.

Enroll in Abacus Payment Exchange (APX) today

APXAbacus Payment Exchange (APX) lets you process credit card and ACH payments, track and collect outstanding invoices, download reports, and much more within your existing platform. That’s right, you already own APX within your software and signup can be done in just a few minutes!

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How to move your firm to an all-in-one practice management solution

Are disparate tools hurting your firm?
Get educated on how to choose the right legal practice management solution and what to expect from your legal technology investment.

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AbacusLaw Special Offers

HotDocs AbacusLaw integrationSchedule a HotDocs demo

HotDocs, the upgraded version of the most trusted document automation tool allows you to automatically assemble error-free documents using your client, calendar, and case information already in AbacusLaw.

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working remoteSchedule a security assessment

Avoid becoming another statistic by safeguarding your firm, your data, and your clients. Now’s the time to prepare and get the peace of mind knowing your firm is protected and prepared to continue business as usual without having to worry about your IT infrastructure. Schedule a security assessment today and learn more about Abacus Private Cloud.

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