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Maximize your firm’s performance and
reduce your vulnerability

When the average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million
you cannot afford to remain unprotected.

AbacusNext purpose-built, cloud-based solutions for legal and accounting firms are designed to accelerate business transformation.
Our vision is enabling professionals around the world to securely run their business from the cloud.


Cloud Hosting Overview

Enhance Security & Compliance

  • Exceed the most stringent security and compliance requirements
  • Individual encryption keys and role-based authentication mitigate the risk of data theft
  • Protected with AI-based endpoint cybersecurity that proactively defends against cyber attacks
  • Eliminate any single point of data failure with multiple disaster-proof backups
  • Each customer’s system health is monitored 24/7
  • Daily system snapshots offer quick network, workstation, and file recovery

Improve Team

  • Optimize remote work readiness by design
  • Preserve business continuity with high availability, task status dashboards and batch re-assignments
  • Automate workflow best practices which enhance productivity metrics
  • Maximize efficiency with unified document creation and real time editing with version control
  • Secure cloud collaboration spaces for information exchanges internally and with your clients

Simplify Your

  • Reduce costs associated with buying and maintaining IT hardware and software
  • Balance authentication controls with user-friendly access from any device
  • Minimize onboarding effort as virtualization means you’re already familiar with the applications
  • Modernize your legacy infrastructure into an evolving AbacusNext managed


of companies have been targeted or hacked


saved in average move from in-house IT


of employees work outside the office

Practice Management Cloud

AbacusNext offers purpose built connection options, which deliver tailored solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Abacus Private Cloud

Desktop Virtualization

Get anywhere, anytime access with a fully managed private cloud virtual desktop solution for increased mobility, security, reliability, and control.

  • Military Grade Security
  • Compliance – Soc 2 / Type 2
  • Desktop Client or Web browser connection
  • 3k+ supported applications


Learn More About Abacus Private Cloud

Application Virtualization

Run the apps that run your business from a dynamic web browser environment and save on IT costs. Core Cloud brings a cost-efficient way to manage your essential applications in the cloud, control data access, and enable remote work.

  • Browser access to Full Featured Software
  • Individual applications
  • High availability & Scalable
  • Secure data storage


Learn More About Abacus Core Cloud

Software as a Service

Manage your firm from right from your browser with the latest cloud-based practice management software.

  • Browser based Software
  • AbacusNext Applications and Services
  • Integrations and Automation
  • Mobile Connectivity


Try Amicus Cloud for Law Firms

Try OfficeTools Cloud for Accounting Firms

I absolutely recommend Abacus Private Cloud. We had a server that was ready to fall apart. We decided to move forward with adopting the solution where I knew we would be backed up multiple times a day, and I wouldn’t have to worry about my data. Any customer information, I can access from my cell phone, I can access from my laptop. Its Peace of Mind knowing that its there and it will always be there.”

– Clark Caines, CEO, Industry Maintenance Supply

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