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It’s as simple as it looks.

No guesswork here: APX Basic pricing is simple and straightforward.

APX Pricing

3% for Visa/Mastercard/Discover cards*,1% with a maximum fee of $10 per transaction for ACH/eCheck


* See 3% rate exception below.

Other Merchant Fees

Payment TypeRate
American Express and Corporate/Business Cards3.5%
All International TransactionsAdditional 1.5%

$20,000 maximum transaction size on ACH. International fees apply to international credit and debit cards.

$20 non-processing transaction fee: Does not apply to customers who have already processed transactions through APX. If you do not process a transaction through APX after the first full month from the APX Account Approval Date or when you are provided access to the applicable CARET software, whichever is later (the “Initial Period”), you will be assessed a $20 monthly fee. In no event will the initial period be less than 30 days.  This fee will continue monthly until you process your first transaction. Upon processing your first transaction, you will no longer be charged the fee for the life of your APX account.