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Automating AR with APX Is as Easy as ABC 


APX, Abacus Payment Exchange, is the best way for law firms to get paid quickly. APX is integrated into AbacusNext practice management software, which makes billing a breeze for you and your clients. With APX, your staff can collect payments easily and securely and reduce late pays to help your firm increase its cash flow.

Electronic payment capabilities remove many of the obstacles to receiving payments that paper bills and manual processes present. When it’s easier for clients to pay using the methods they already employ for utilities and shopping online, you get compensated quickly and spend far less time chasing down aging invoices.

To get to know APX a little bit better, we’ve compiled a handy infographic of all our top features. From ACH Transactions to Zero Additional Processing Fees, the ABCs of APX will help get you started with secure online payments that let you get paid faster.

Here are just a few of the ways your firm can benefit from automated payments: 

Get paid faster. APX makes billing and invoicing with online payments a breeze.

Ethically sound payment management. A 3% flat fee is only deducted from an operating account to ensure trust account balances stay accurate.

Trust & operating accounts. There’s an ethical obligation when handling client funds, and APX helps manage that.

Payment portal. With APX, you can accept credit card, e-check and ACH payments online through our secure portal.

Automatic payments. Getting paid is the easy part with APX, and payments can be nearly instantaneous.

Invoice faster. Time is money, and using APX optimizes your staff’s time and accounting processes so your business can thrive.

Designed to save you time and money. Credit card and online payment methods mitigate cash flow concerns and improve accounts receivable collectability.

Quick (<2 days processing time). With APX, firms get paid faster, and this reduces the risk of bad debt.

Up to 80% reduction in cost compared to manual methods. Manual, paper-based reporting wastes time when tracking payment flow. This is a nonissue with APX.

Integrations. Consolidated processes make it easier for firms to accomplish fast and accurate compensation.

Credit card payments. With APX, all major credit cards are accepted.

Know you’re safe with PCI-compliant 256-bit encryption. With this, you can rest assured online account access is only available to those who should have it.

Liberate your firm’s profits. With manual payment processing, businesses wait more than 30 days for payment on an invoice; this time is cut substantially when using APX.

Your all-in-one payment automation solution. Organizations that leverage automation and efficient processes see an average invoice processing time that is 74% faster, according to Ardent Partners. 

There’s no better way than APX to start reaping the benefits of online billing and payments. Download the infographic to learn more. To find out more about how APX from AbacusNext can get you paid faster, contact us today.

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