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Win new clients and build loyalty with HotDocs Advance

Happy customer using HotDocs Advance

Today, customer expectations are higher than ever. They want to find the information they need quickly and conveniently. A MindTouch survey reveals that 85 percent of customers prefer self-service to an in-person or phone conversation. Considering the dramatic increase in people working from home on flex hours, this also means they expect to manage information, transactions and documents where and when they choose. And with fewer clients coming into the office for the foreseeable future, firms must adapt their service models.

Spending time on the phone, gathering customer information in the call, then entering the information into a word processing, CRM or document management system is a slow and costly process. Streamline it by extending some of the document creation process directly to the client.

HotDocs Advance was purpose-built to help law firms and other organizations extend self-service and improve collaboration with new and existing clients.

Say goodbye to unprofessional typos and errors

Attorneys routinely draft a variety of documents for their clients. Many start with a previous document to repurpose, edit and refine the content for the next client. These manual edit/copy/paste processes are cumbersome and invite errors. This process also requires a tremendous amount of time. And when clients see errors consistently (of have to wait too long), they lose trust.

Make it easy for clients to submit information

In HotDocs Advance, an Author component allows legal pros to convert a Word document into a fully automated HotDocs template – a user-friendly interview form to accurately capture information directly from the client. The information gathered is submitted back to the firm so that it can be used to generate documents. HotDocs users have the ability to monitor their client’s progress on the interview.

The document generation process is simple and intuitive, making it easy to create perfectly accurate, perfectly formatted documents in a fraction of the time.

Get a closer look at HotDocs Advance. View the on-demand webinar Simplify data collection with NEW Virtual Interviews in HotDocs Advance.

Automate every form

The automation opportunities are endless. Here are just a few of the situations where automation can save your firm time and money, while building great relationships with clients:

  • Client intake forms and engagement letters
  • Legal contracts
  • Trusts
  • Incorporation documents for new business
  • Powers of attorney
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment documentation

A better customer experience

Rapid delivery is something clients increasingly expect and demand. An easy to use process that involves the client provides a better experience and improves client loyalty.

Attract new clients

Today’s clients are technologically savvy, and will be more likely to engage a firm that offers self-service. Document automation demonstrates that your firm is savvy, too.

Integrates with AbacusLaw, Amicus Attorney

Users of AbacusLaw and HotDocs can complete entire documents with one click. Firms using AbacusLaw with HotDocs have reported significant time savings, increased accuracy and reduction of costly, embarrassing and risky errors. AbacusLaw users: explore what HotDocs can do for your firm.

HotDocs Advance also integrates with Amicus Attorney legal case management software, providing firms with the ability to automatically assemble error-free documents using the case, matters, and calendar information already in the Amicus system.

Plays well with others

HotDocs also integrates with many popular content management and enterprise compliance business systems, speeding up workflow and helping you work more efficiently and at lower cost.

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