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Keeping Time – Access Time Tickets Directly from AbacusLaw

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This week’s blog showcases a small, but important,enhancement that we are sure will make your life easier. Before version 23.20, AbacusLaw users had to open Abacus Accounting to be able to access time tickets. But now, Version 23.20 has made it much easier to work with time tickets from AbacusLaw.

We are happy to announce that have added a Time Tix button to the AbacusLaw toolbar! When you click this button, a window appears where you can enter a new time ticket. It's easy, efficient, and makes time tracking a breeze.

But that's not all – we've added another option for you to track your time! All you have to do is select Tools > Browse Time Tickets and then select the date range for the time tickets you want to view.

The Time Tickets window appears with the date range selected.

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By: Susan Haworth

Susan is a technical writer at Abacus. She has been translating technical concepts for non-technical people for almost 20 years. When she is not discussing features with the Abacus programmers, you will find her out biking, walking the dogs, or arguing with her teenage children. She lives in High Point, North Carolina.

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