Practice Management Company Produces 100K Documents a Day Through HotDocs Integration

Company Background
For more than 20 years, the company has provided legal and back office services to a network of law firms and trustee companies in the residential mortgage and consumer credit industries. 

Products Used
  • HotDocs


The Background

Prior to HotDocs, their platform used a complex solution that consisted of mail merge macros in WordPerfect. Customers were handling hundreds of cases at a time and drafting every document in a word processor using a laborious and lengthy process.

The Solution

To better serve their customers, the company designed a web-based case management system to improve profitability and to better manage its network of firms. To fix the document production efficiency problem, they turned to HotDocs.

The Results

Though the system was working adequately, it wasn’t until they started using HotDocs that the organization achieved the level of production that it now supports. The provider of a centralized practice management system is now able to support the generation of more than 100,000 documents each day through embedded HotDocs technology inside its platform. This powerful integration is increasing productivity and streamlining the administrative tasks at law firms and title companies throughout the US.

“The ability to integrate HotDocs Server with our case management system as well as create custom interviews for each template was what drew us to HotDocs in the beginning,” stated the organization’s CIO, “The interviews lessen the amount of user interaction needed to complete a document, which simplifies the process and saves us valuable time. Not to mention, being in the legal industry, the opportunity to include technology like HotDocs was incredibly attractive.”

Despite a tough legal market, the company has managed to expand its use among law firms and trustee companies, partly because of its streamlined document generation process.

“In four years, firms with 60 lawyers have expanded to 600,” said the CIO, “Ultimately, we couldn’t be doing what we do and at the level we can without HotDocs.”