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The Kabb Law Firm, based in Beachwood, Ohio, is a 10 person firm specializing in Elder Law and Life Care Planning. They are another example of one of the many law firms that have improved efficiency and mobility with Amicus Attorney after experiencing a number of issues related to the stability, usability and mobility from their existing case management system.

“Overall, Amicus has helped increase the firm’s overall stability, as firm members are taking advantage of the many features and resources available to them.”

Kabb Law Firm

The Challenge

“When it comes to your law practice, you want it to be efficient. Amicus Attorney has so many resources available to help you transform your practice into a powerhouse – even if you’re stuck in a rut. Even if you’re terrified of change.”

Old Habits Cost Time and Money

The Kabb Law Firm was using an old system that made it time consuming and difficult to manage client information. This is where Amicus Attorney and Accellis Technology Group, one of Amicus Attorney’s Channel Partners, stepped in.

The Solution

At a crossroads, The Kabb Law Firm faced a difficult decision: Should they continue using their current system and attempt to remedy issues as needed? Or should they scrap their old system and start fresh? Wisely, they chose the latter option.

Amicus Attorney: Easy to Learn and Navigate

The firm needed a system that was powerful and easy to use, and could accommodate their mobility needs. After a thorough review of their options with Accellis, Kabb decided that moving to Amicus Attorney was the best fit for their needs. Firm members found the program easy to learn and navigate, and having access to a secure, instant live connection to their Amicus through a web browser meant they no longer had to be tied to their desks.

Accellis guided the firm every step of the way, eliminating any fear that may come with converting to a new system. Accellis was able convert records from the firm’s legacy system including contacts, cases, and events, saving the firm thousands of hours if it had been done by manual entry. Accellis worked around Kabb’s schedule to minimize the impact on the firm with one-business day turnaround time for a full database conversion. With such a quick transition, firm members experienced the benefits of Amicus Attorney immediately. Bad habits were being broken within moments of being up and running!

The Results

Overall, Amicus has helped increase the firm’s overall stability, as firm members are taking advantage of the many features and resources available to them. Prior to Amicus, firm members couldn’t access system information, including contacts and file details through mobile devices, making it difficult to work outside the office. With Amicus, firm members going to client visits or meetings no longer feel removed from the office, as they can continue to expand their clients’ files right on their tablets and smartphones.

More Organized Than Ever

Attorneys and staff can find documents more easily, and they’ve eliminated the need for manual document creation, thus saving hours upon hours of time. Kabb is noticing savings all over the place! With Amicus, email merge templates replaced postcards the firm traditionally sent out following care visits. This process reduced costs related to postage, printing supplies as well as time formatting the postcard for each individual person.

Client relationships now make sense to everyone within the firm – due to the Amicus natural workflow and intuitiveness. Tracking client relationships in Amicus Attorney allows the firm to input and monitor client information, family members, and power of attorneys. The ability to describe how contacts are connected builds a platform for precise organization and improved communication. The Kabb Law Firm really feels like a team with the collaboration that Amicus has brought them. Prior to Amicus, tracking referrals in the former database was impossible. Now, one can document the referral process for any file. Firm members can now track potential client inquiries, marketing efforts and source referrals. This means significantly improved business development and client retention. And we all know what that really means… Increased profitability!