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Tammy Hussin has been protecting consumers’ rights for nearly two decades, suing harassing debt collectors and telemarketers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Tammy provides both debtors and consumers with extensive experience, knowledge and superior service in order to win cases.

“Abacus Private Cloud is the answer to everything I needed! Now that all of my systems work together and are managed and supported by one team of experts, I can spend my time focusing on my clients, instead of dealing with IT headaches.”

Tammy Hussin, Hussin Law

The Challenge

Accessible solution to handle massive caseload on-the-go

Working from her home office and collaborating with her paralegal across town, mobility and efficiency were at the top of the priority list. After leaving a large firm to start her own practice, Tammy needed a solution to handle her massive caseload.

“Not only do I have my own practice, but I’m a mom of three boys. I’m constantly on the go, calling clients in between lacrosse and rugby practice. I needed a solution that can keep up with me and my mobile lifestyle.”

After struggling with multiple systems from various vendors, Tammy was in desperate need of a fully integrated, fully managed virtual practice solution centered on her primary form of client communication: email.

The Solution

AbacusLaw in Abacus Private Cloud integrated with Office 365

Abacus Private Cloud provides a virtual desktop environment running AbacusLaw as the only solution that offered the email integration and management Tammy not only required, but needed.

“I can open an email, edit a document, and my paralegal immediately has access to the same information in one central location. Abacus Private Cloud allows me to work whenever and wherever I want. I can leave a spreadsheet open on my laptop and when I get home, the document is open on my desktop in exactly the same place.”

“The free-flow of information between my paralegal and myself enables us to work more efficiently,” adds Tammy. “I can open an email, edit a document, and my paralegal immediately has access to the same information in one central location.”

The Results

Client focus without IT headache

“Abacus Private Cloud gives me a level of control I didn’t have with any other system. I can monitor the activities and work of my remote employees to ensure the level of service they are delivering is in line with my expectations.”

The Abacus Private Cloud team migrated Tammy’s massive caseload, and had her up and running easily. By removing email management and other IT headaches, Tammy is able to focus on her clients.