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Since 1985, Vozza & Huguenot have represented thousands of clients with personal injury and wrongful death claims. With established respect from judges, courts, insurance companies and opposing counsel, the firm has the resources and experience to help clients with all types of personal injury cases including car/motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, lead poisoning, birth injuries, wrongful death and more.

“When I get a call from a client, in just one-click I can see everything about their case to immediately answer their questions. Even better, if my assistant answers the phone, she too can see their case file to provide instant gratification.”

Frank Vozza, Esq., Vozza & Huguenot

Business Challenge

Growing from a small firm Personal Injury firm, Vozza & Huguenot needed a system to handle case intake, and case management workflow.

“Out of the box, the Personal Injury Practice Area Legal Solution has been great! Through every phase of our cases, we can dynamically capture data to keep our cases progressing and prevent important details and deadlines from falling through the cracks.”

The Solution

Working with the Abacus Professional Services Team, Vozza & Huguenot customized the matter screen inside AbacusLaw to include new fields for relevant case information.

“The Abacus Professional Services team was great! They understood our goals and delivered exactly what we were looking for. Having what I need, when and where I need, enables me to provide exceptional client service.”

The Results

AbacusLaw Meets the Ever-Changing Needs of a Growing Practice

Screens built in through the Personal Injury PALS add-on for AbacusLaw empower Vozza & Huguenot to handle increased workload more efficiently.

“AbacusLaw improved our organization and case handling so much, that we’ve been able to take on new types of personal injury cases such as lead poisoning and birth injuries. But with these new cases came the need to track the information in a more organized fashion.”

“By adding custom fields to our case screens, we now have the details we need for each type of personal injury case we handle at our fingertips,” continued Mr. Vozza. “Having what I need, when and where I need, enables me to provide exceptional client service and focus on winning verdicts and settlements for my clients.”