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Family Peacemaker, the office of Bart J. Carey, Esq., specializes in mediation and collaborative family law. Both of these are non-court, nonadversarial processes. Specific areas of practice include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following: collaborative family law, mediation, paralegal services, domestic partnerships, child custody, child visitation rights, child support, property distribution, alimony, debt allocation and adoption. Even in the most complex/hostile situations, they work as diligently to find ‘common ground’ as some work to ‘demon-ize’ the other. Core business is to help divorcing couples who are not in agreement find the appropriate tools to guide them through the divorce process. By listening to their real needs and crisis: emotional, financial, even spiritual; Family Peacemaker seek to direct incorporate the best solutions available.

“Abacus Private Cloud is definitely the way to go, especially for firms who don’t have the time, budget or knowledge to manage their own IT infrastructure. Abacus Private Cloud provides all of the support we need and all of the tools necessary to run our firm in a way that allows us to maximize profits.”

Susan Collins, Collaborative & Mediation Family Law Services

The Challenge

Service Provider claimed “integrated environment”

For a number of years, the office of Bart J. Carey, Esq. has a mission to virtualize their law practice in an effort to eliminate IT headaches and maximize profits. The firm first worked with a service provider who claimed to offer an integrated cloud environment, but the solution didn’t accommodate their AbacusLaw software, the core application used to manage their firm, cases, and clients. Next they migrated to a less robust hosting provider, but were dissatisfied with the solution, service and company. Again, they had trouble running AbacusLaw within the environment. Coupled with issues printing locally and terrible customer service, they felt nickel-and-dimed for everything and began to look for a new, fully integrated and managed solution that would allow them to use all of their applications and tools in an efficient way.

The Solution

Fully-integrated and managed

With the arrival of Abacus Private Cloud as a one-stop-shop option to host the firm’s AbacusLaw and other key business software and data, Family Peacemaker stopped looking for other piecemealed hosting solutions.

“We had started to look for solutions to replace our cloud provider. As soon as Abacus Private Cloud became available, we immediately stopped looking. We’ve relied on AbacusLaw case management software for a number of years, and have always been very pleased with the level of service and support. With a proven track record of trust and professionalism, Abacus Private Cloud was a logical next step for us.”

Susan Collins

The Results

A smooth migration to Abacus Private Cloud

After making the decision to move to Abacus Private Cloud, the firm immediately experienced the benefits of their new fully integrated and managed virtual desktop environment. All of their data and applications, including AbacusLaw, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Office 365 and Support Calculators, now reside under one roof and work together seamlessly. The speed of all applications has dramatically improved, helping to maximize their efficiencies. Additionally, all printing issues were resolved, and IT headaches have disappeared.

“We don’t know IT, that’s not what we do. From the beginning, Abacus understood our requirements, what we were trying to accomplish and knew how to get it done. Everyone is always very professional, helpful and answers our questions in a way that we can understand. The trust we have in Abacus is unparalleled.

Michelle Carey, Paralegal

Since migrating to Abacus Private Cloud, the firm has expanded and their system has grown with them. Adding new employees is easy as there is now just one person to call for all IT-related issues. Continued Michelle: “We have the utmost confidence that when we pick up the phone, Abacus understands what we need. We never feel misdirected, confused or nickel-and-dimed. The trust we have in Abacus is unparalleled.”