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Syneco Systems, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is the manufacturer of odor control equipment including dry air scrubbers, odor control manhole inserts, vent filters and inflow protector inserts along with biological and chemical products which are used primarily in municipal and industrial wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.

Business Challenge

Account Management

Syneco needed a way to better manage customer accounts and the documents related to those accounts.

Information Centralization

The company needed to have all information located in one place that could be accessed by multiple employees in multiple locations at anytime or simultaneously

Eliminate Dependency on Hard Copies

Syneco was looking for a way to eliminate the impact of important papers being misplaced, only accessible to the person who took the notes, or filed in a particular office or desk.

“If you can imagine it, you can do it with Results.”

The Solution

In-the-Cloud Savings

Syneco was able to eliminate an “in-house” server and the costs related to maintaining it, while introducing the many benefits of ResultsCRM. In addition, ResultsCRM in Abacus Private Cloud allowed the company to cut back on the need for hardware and software upgrades and the time and expense involved with maintaining different laptops and desktops.

Better Sales Management

Syneco uses ResultsCRM to set up Activities that notify sales staff of impending account expirations in advance so they have time to prepare the documents necessary to renew an account. As a result, the company is renewing expiring accounts on time.

Real Time Information From Any Location

Important documents are accessible in one central location where multiple employees can access the same information in real time.

The Results

Syneco takes advantage of many of the award-winning ResultsCRM features. Above all, however, they enjoy the flexibility that the solution brought them. As one manager stated:

“Abacus is a high tech company with “oldfashioned” customer service. From my first communication with sales, to purchase, implementation and support, I have always been treated with respect and felt that everyone on the team was genuinely interested in meeting our needs.”

Tina Sepin, Syneco Systems, Inc.