AbacusNext is proud to extend a 10%-member discount to The Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL) which is the only statewide association of lawyers in Massachusetts devoted exclusively to serving all segments of the defense bar.

AbacusLaw works for firms of any size. Features include rules-based calendaring, document / form automation, matter management, conflict checking, contact management, document and email management, time tracking, billing, balance, trust accounting and more.

Amicus Attorney
Amicus Attorney is a legal practice management solution that integrates practice information into a single automated system for improved efficiency and profitability.

Hot Docs
Streamline your organization’s workflow with the world’s most trusted and powerful document assembly software and automation platform. If your organization routinely generates complex or customer-specific documents such as contracts, statements of work, loan agreements, and valuation reports, HotDocs can help you.