San Diego, CA – August 3, 2009 – Keeping up with the high growth in sales of its software products and services, Abacus Data Systems opened a new Customer Care Center in San Diego, CA on August 3, 2009.  The facility triples the size of the space available to house call center agents and technical support staff.
Glen Guy, Director of Customer Care, opened the doors at 6 am PST and welcomed the first shift. “We are committed to bringing extraordinary service to our customers and partners. We know it begins with providing an excellent work environment for customer care agents. We are extremely happy with the new facility, a state-of-the-art resource.”  Guy said.
The new facility is equipped with a digital VoIP phone system designed to improve capture of in-coming support calls, optimization of agents’ time, and team collaboration. It also allows for continued growth and expansion, adding additional support and development resources as necessary.
Dangerous Law Office Tactics Exposed
San Diego, CA — June 25, 2009 — In his new book, “Dangerous Law Practice Myths, Lies and Stupidity”, Abacus president Judd Kessler, Esq. identifies the many techniques that have been recommended to attorneys over the years, but put their firms at serious risk.
Joined by 5 leading specialists in the legal industry, Mr. Kessler’s book presents crucial advice to attorneys and their staffs through the use of entertaining and insightful anecdotes. Thirty-five myths are layed out before the reader, ranging from low fees to rolodex use. Legal professionals will clearly identify these areas of misdirection, recognize how they impact their own practices, and learn what to do to avoid the downside that typically comes from each.