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AbacusNext Launches Amicus Cloud to Bring Simple but Sophisticated Cloud Practice Management to Law Firms

November 17, 2020  |  Amicus Cloud, Legal Technology

Amicus Cloud provides law firms of all sizes with increased productivity and profitability

SAN DIEGO, CA – NOVEMBER 17, 2020 – AbacusNext®, a leading technology provider for legal, accounting and compliance-focused professionals, today announced the launch of Amicus Cloud to bring sophisticated but simple-to-use cloud practice management to law firms worldwide.

Amicus Cloud is a cloud-based practice management tool that allows firms to access information about their practice 24/7 using any device from any location. The product’s new dashboard makes it easy to get to the most used features – Calendar, Email, Tasks, Time and Billing and Matter Management. In addition, there is a secure client portal that includes APX electronic payments (Abacus Payment Exchange), so client communications and compensation for legal services are handled seamlessly.

“Amicus Cloud is easy to use and requires little training. It is more important than ever for law firms of all sizes to have a secure way to manage their practice from anywhere. In a recent study, 69% of solo practitioners are not using practice management effectively, and almost 50% of 2-20 attorney firms are not using practice management at all. That’s why we’re thrilled to release the new Amicus Cloud as it’s designed to help increase firm productivity and profitability,” states Tomas Suros, global product marketing director – legal, AbacusNext.

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About AbacusNext

AbacusNext is a leading vertical SaaS provider for compliance-focused professional services markets. Our purpose-built cloud infrastructure puts customers’ business data and vital applications into a virtual workspace that is accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device, enabling small and midsize legal and accounting firms to grow an efficient, secure, client-focused practice.

More than 100,000 users worldwide benefit from the most complete product portfolio in the industry, including practice management and case management solutions, tailored cloud options, document automation and payment processing. To learn more visit

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