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HotDocs is the pioneer and global market leader for automated document assembly solutions. The average firm wastes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year on inaccurate and inefficient document creation. HotDocs allows you to turn frequently used documents and forms into dynamic templates resulting in high value and return on investment for organizations of all sizes.

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Document automation enables a vast reduction in time spent in the production of high-volume or sophisticated documentation, such as commercial lending documentation, legal and sales templates, franchise and employment agreements, client on-boarding forms and other critical business documents. HotDocs templates generate customized, error-free documents from user-friendly Q&A interviews in a fraction of the time of traditional methods - minimizing business risk and ensuring organization-wide document standardization.

HotDocs is used to save time and increase document accuracy within organizations that require accurate and standardized documents and boilerplates. The software is successfully used across a wide range of industries - from solo attorneys to AmLaw 200 firms, Magic Circle firms, top multinational banks, leading insurance providers, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.

The software is available on-premise, desktop and cloud and can operate in a standalone capacity or as part of a wider business system, including BPM workflow, CRM software, document management or loan origination systems. In addition, HotDocs also supports multiple language and text formats, making it an ideal solution for companies operating across several countries or geographical regions.

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Professionals Love HotDocs!

"We've used Hotdocs for over 10 years. It's a great program to develop forms and templates such as letterhead. The end users love it as it's a simple series of clicks and the custom form/template is completed."

Kandice Behnke,
Bradley & Riley PC

"The quintessential software for document automation ... Very robust and the possibilities are endless. Generating documents and pleadings now take a fraction of the time they normally would using any other software. I highly recommend this product."

Michael Savage,
Baugher Law Firm PLLC

“Very simple and user-friendly program! Just plug in the info you have and your document is ready for you! Great for simple, straightforward documents you need in a hurry.”

Tiffany Hoyhtya,
Fischer, Rust & Stock, PLLC

Reduce Risk

  • Eliminate keying errors
  • Ensure variable content is correct for every document
  • Protect against legal issues stemming from incorrect content

Enhance Compliance

  • Adhere to internal business rules as part of template creation
  • Build an external regulation to document templates
  • Document version control

Improve Quality

  • Ensure correct formatting and branding
  • Increase accuracy by omitting manual/traditional drafting processes

Create Efficiency

  • Manage complex computations and variable content
  • Save on cost of staff time spent on document production
  • Redeploy staff resources