No matter what loan is written, it's always done through HotDocs. It's the one program everyone uses, and as such, we ensure that all changes in regulations or procedures are immediately written into HotDocs. That provides an enormous amount of security for us. Our loan officers don't have to worry about new updates. HotDocs simply leads them through the process."

David Brown
Western AgCredit


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The Client Services team was able to help me with an issue regarding a trust account deletion. Not only did they accomplish the task but did so in a quick and efficient manner! 

Ira Herrero
Corpus Christi, Texas


The APC support team was able to provide fast support when I needed it the most. They rock!

Jennifer Diaz
Law Office of Jennifer Diaz
North Miami, FL


Law Office of David C. Stone

With improved billing practices from AbacusLaw, we’ve been able to increase our monthly revenue by $15,000. AbacusLaw gives us everything we need to handle this increased business in one fully-integrated platform.

David C. Stone
Law Office of David C. Stone
Anaheim, CA


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I wholeheartedly recommend the Abacus Private cloud. The folks at Abacus could not have been easier to work with, on top of that, we have eliminated IT costs!

David Gossom
Law Offices of David F. Gossom
Wichita Falls, TX


I have used Abacus Law for 15 years. A firm that uses all the functions in AbacusLaw is on the cutting edge of efficiency. Abacus Law 2012 now allows wireless syncing with devices, including iPhones and Android devices.

Michael Reagor
Greenwood Village, CO



Immediately after clicking off a payment I like how APX automatically emails you a recipt, confiming that everything went through correctly. It's easy to utilize- I would recommend it to other legal professionals. 

Sandy Jones
Bolen Robinson & Ellis
Decatur, IL


AbacusLaw is an intuitive program that requires a minimum amount of training for the lawyers and administrative personnel.

B. Dalnekoff
Annapolis, MD


McCready Law

I firmly believe in AbacusLaw. I cant imagine practicing without it.

Michael McCready
McCready Law
Chicago, IL


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I would like to take the time to thank Jerry from technical support for his fantastic customer service. I have spoken to Jerry at least 4 times and each time he is very courteous, patient, knowledgeable and takes time to ask someone else if he doesn't know the answer. He is a great asset to your company.   

Carmen Lankford
Law Firm of Regina B. Ward, LLC
Conway, South Carolina

Amicus Attorney

Before, we used Time Slips for Time and Billing, and we used File In Time to keep track of the projects, and when we looked at Office Tools Pro, it basically combined both of them. If we can get rid of redundant systems, that’s the way to do it… My favorite feature is the billing. It’s so easy!

Patti O'neil


I use it every day, so when I go into the office, I sit at my desk, I turn it on, and I log right into Abacus. And it seems I use that the most throughout the entire day. When I leave the office, the first thing I do is grab my phone and go into the mobile app. The calendaring, the tracking deadlines, and documenting the daily activity on the cases — if it’s conversations with clients or filing documents, that’s what I use it for. I would not be able to function without it.

Jason Luna
Jason C. Luna, PLLC
Hamburg, NY


We are very pleased with the program. It has helped us a lot, especially with the template merge features and basically our law firm could not operate without it. We thank Abacus a lot for this program and its helped us to do many, many things for our firm and for our customers as well. We thank Abacus for all they’ve done for us. Thank you.

Benjamin Rivera
San Juan, Puerto Rico


My experience as a new user has been positive. I like the ability to learn about the software at my own pace and being able to use a variety of methods to get the information. Overall, it is comprehensive in scope so I can keep all of my relevant information in one place and retrieve it on the fly, which means I can answer client inquiries effectively and efficiently.  

Donald Hedervare Jr.
Martin & Hedervare PLLC
St. Paul, MN


The APC Implementation team did a great job in helping us with the transition from on premise Abacus to the Abacus Private Cloud. Their patience and work ethic made the process simple and easy to follow.

Nick Sivovol
Kendall Brill & Klieger LLP
Los Angeles, CA