The most significant benefit, however, is that it provides the tools to better manage the work being done by the firm. The focus for the “firm of the future” has to be on providing value to the client. OfficeTools WorkSpace helps us to ensure that projects are completed on time, and it allows special “value” projects to be added & tracked.

Wil Dykstra, CGA, Principal


Miami Legal Firm

I don’t have to go crazy looking for information. I don’t have to get up and look for files. I’ve created task lists for myself in Amicus, and I don’t like to see them pile up, so I make sure I get them done. I totally love Amicus Attorney.

Danay Acevedo
Miami Legal Firm
Miami, FL

Amicus Attorney

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The Zimmerman Law Firm

We needed customized screens for each type of case we handle. We described our vision to the Abacus team and they surpassed our expectations in creating what we pictured & only better!

Tracy Floyd
The Zimmerman Law Firm
Waco, TX


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My name is John Bedard and I am an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.  I own a small firm of only four attorneys.  I have been a proud Abacus beta tester for many years. In 2009 I left a successful partnership to start my own firm.  At the time, I felt very strongly that my new firm needed a solid foundation of software tools upon which to operate and grow my practice.  I needed complete law practice management tools, something my old firm did not have.  I studied the market and tested a few different products.  I chose Abacus Law.  The biggest factor in that decision was how Abacus handled email.  This was a very big challenge at my old firm and I wanted something to solve that problem.  Abacus e-mail features have come a long way since 2009!  And my conviction that Abacus is the best tool for my office has not waivered since. Over time, my needs for software features grew and when I could not find them in Abacus I spoke up.  As a result, I was personally invited to become a beta-tester to which I happily accepted.  It is truly amazing to see some of the suggestions from my office actually become full-fledged features in AbacusLaw! Recently we found some “hidden features” in an Accounting beta that caused billing to malfunction. It was Friday and “billing day” was Saturday. I couldn’t get the bills out. Panic ensued. The only thing I knew to do Saturday morning was report it the beta email address.  To my surprise, I received an immediate response on Saturday morning.  I felt so conflicted between asking for weekend help and waiting until Monday to do billing, which would no doubt cost me an entire workday. By Saturday evening, I had a fix installed and I completed billing Sunday morning.  I was utterly impressed – little Atlanta law firm was receiving such personal, emergency service. I felt like the missing person for whom the government dispatched the entire military apparatus to locate and rescue. I am so grateful for their patience and expertise. They cared about me.  It is easy to forget how our work affects lives.  If we cannot bill, we cannot earn income.  That income feeds my family of 5. It buys diapers for my associate’s 7-month old daughter. It helps my other attorneys feed and grow their families. Our entire law practice depends on Abacus. It is the foundation of our firm.  It is our most important tool. Thank you to the entire Abacus team for the work you do for us.

John Bedard
Bedard Law Group, P.C.
Duluth, Georgia


Through implementation of HotDocs, document production has been significantly improved at J&T BANKA. A central place for document templates has been created and the text and typography of documents is standardized and managed. Through the HotDocs Hub versioning of documents has been secured. Now HotDocs is one of the important banking systems in J&T BANKA.

Jakub Šváb


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Amicus Attorney is a very user friendly and intuitive way to manage your law practice.

Joseph Michael Dickerson
Attorney at Law

Amicus Attorney

It is a must for the practice of law.  Hard to practice without it. Wish I had done it years before.

Herbert Mitchell

Amicus Attorney

Having a case management software that can be customized to how we run our practice is important. Abacus allows us to implement our ways of doing things into our software. It's very convenient and has made our jobs much more efficient.

Krysti Monaco
The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey
Tampa, FL


I've been working with Charlie Rosenberg in the Professional Services division to complete the installation and migration from Amicus Small Firm to Abacus Gold 2016. Charlie could not have been more knowledgeable about the program and considerate about meeting our needs. He patiently addressed any questions we had and went above and beyond to assure that we were pleased with the outcome.

Joy Klinger
Valocchi & Fischer
Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Professional Services

The benefits of using Abacus are enormous. From managing information, prioritizing, communicating, to generating letters, Abacus has improved our firm 100%.

Jared Kosoglad
Chicago IL


Vozza & Huguenot

When I get a call from a client, in just one-click I can see everything about their case to immediately answer their questions. Even better, if Im unavailable and my assistant answers the phone, she too can see their case file to provide instant gratification. 

Frank Vozza
Vozza & Huguenot
Bronx, NY


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The overall organization and billable time you'll gain from the purchase will give you a huge return.

Stefanie Young
Men's Rights Law Firm
Cape Coral, FL



Immediately after clicking off a payment I like how APX automatically emails you a recipt, confiming that everything went through correctly. It's easy to utilize- I would recommend it to other legal professionals. 

Sandy Jones
Bolen Robinson & Ellis
Decatur, IL


Now on OfficeTools for several years, I really love the program, it is a fabulous program. Once you get the implementation done it’s a great system.  If the top people can use anyone can learn this even the resisters.  We replaced 4 systems and while implementation took some effort it was well worth it! We are looking forward to learning more about the portal and implement that soon.

Lelani Elias, CPA, Owner


Cloudnine is a wonderful alternative to using an in-house network when it comes to cost and efficiency.  Its technical support has always been extremely helpful and respectful even when I overlooked simple solutions.  The team also went way beyond the scope of their job to even help troubleshoot things that occurred on my end.

Anne Holthaus
J & J Meyer Inc dba
Litchfield, MN