thomas shellenberger

Designed for lawyers, easy to use, and powerful, AbacusLaw helps me manage my practice and do my billing. The calendar coordinates well with my Outlook and mobile device. 

Thomas Shellenberger
Law Office of Thomas D Shellenberger
Hockessin, DE


 I've used AbacusLaw since it was first developed. I've never blown a deadline, or lost client info. Can't recommend it enough.

Angela Lazear
Lazear Mack LLP
Oakland, CA


We’ve been with OfficeTools for seven years and never looked back. Our firm was growing and tracking returns was a logistical nightmare for staff and embarrassing to tell clients that we needed to call them back because we didn’t know what the status was of their return. We had substantial write-offs of staff time and when we switched to WorkSpace they were completely eliminated.

Matt Holdsworth, CPA, Owner


For AbacusLaw, the most important feature I utilize would have to be the way it gathers and keeps all the information through the Matter system. Whether it's setting events, doing the conflict checks, being able to have a team of people work on the same case, or keeping all the notes, all the information in one place. It is so time-saving and makes my job so much easier, I cannot tell you. I love the AbacusLaw system. It is one of the greatest case management systems I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot of them. And the Cloud makes my business possible. When I started my firm, I had two locations. I had an office in Las Vegas; I had an office in Southern California. Without the Cloud, I couldn't have functioned. When I started bringing on staff with flexible work schedules or who needed to work from home (contract attorneys who might be taking care of young children or have other family flex needs), the Cloud allowed them to work from anywhere. It was the best investment. I have had experience with PCLaw, ProLaw, MyCase, CLIO — all of them. I've used them all. And as a trial attorney, I found most of them were clunky. I found most of them had bugs when it came to billing and trust software. Some of them you could not trust. Things didn't reconcile. Things just didn't work, or, on some of the programs, the customer service was abysmal. You couldn't get a human being to save your life. They were counterintuitive, it took too much time, you had to go in through six different screens; there was no choice. As soon as I learned about Abacus, that was it. That was the product I chose. I am having a great return on investment on Abacus. It makes my business possible. It makes the way that I live in multiple states possible. It also makes it easier to have staff, hire staff, use flex time for staff. I would absolutely refer you to colleagues in my industry for the Cloud service, for the law service, for the customer service, for the security benefits. If I have a power outage, if my computer goes down, or if a desktop gets a virus, it doesn't matter. My data is safe, my information is safe, my entire firm is safe with you.

Assly Sayyar
Assly Sayyar, Attorney at Law, Inc.
Vista, CA


I like it. Its worked for me for over 10 years. Support is great. I haven't seen any similar product that does everything that Amicus does for the price.

Raymond Frost
Frost Law Office

Amicus Attorney

It is easy to use and a great way to organize your client information and calendar.

Jiwa Law Corporation

Amicus Attorney

I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that your employee, Andrew Rodriguez, our point of contact at Abacus, has been wonderful during our upgrade and subsequent cutover to the Abacus Private Cloud.  Andrew is always promptly responsive and willi

Kimberly R. Guidry
Palazzo Law Firm
Gretna, Louisiana


Hussin Law

Abacus Private Cloud is the answer to everything I needed! Now that all of my systems work together and are managed and supported by one team of experts, I can spend my time focusing on my clients, instead of dealing with IT headaches.

Tammy Hussin
Hussin Law
Carlsbad, CA


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The functionality of AbacusLaw running on the superior cloud service Abacus Private Cloud make this a no-brainer! All of my applications and programs are integrated in one place for one excellent price.

Steven Cahn
Cahn Litigation, LLC
Roslyn Heights, N.Y.


Worth the expenditure. Tech support is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people.

Laurie Colestock
Bruchler and La Velle

Amicus Attorney

We found Abacus approximately 15 years ago and have found it to be a marvelous tool in calendaring and to follow-up & make sure that we dont miss and deadlines or hearings. We used Timeslips and other types of billing programs and they were never accurate and we always had to change addresses in more than one database. But now with the Abacus billing we dont have to do that and we can pull up simply, even in the front office, to see what a persons balance is and it has just made quite a difference in our business.

Nancy Wright
South Bend, IN

Professional Services

Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Abacus Private Cloud is the customized virtual platform our firm needs to facilitate operations across multiple departments and offices.

Scott Warmuth
Law Offices of Scott Warmuth
San Gabriel, California


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With 250,000 users they must be doing something right! I suspect that those of us without issues don't bother to comment. It makes sense that if you have had a problem then you squawk about it. I know I do! Our firm has been using this product for over eight years. In recommending it to another firm I came across these reviews. I could not disagree more. Like any system it takes some training. We hired an outside instructor to come in for two days to train. Once we got the basics down we grew with it. The nice feature it comes with is that every time you log in, it gives you tips for the day that expand your knowledge or remind you of something you may have forgotten. The features that I appreciate most are linking your emails from Outlook to the matters file. That is an enormous time saver. The notes file is likewise extremely useful in refreshing your memory on things that have transpired. Both come with a preview of the content similar to your email. It makes life easy and certain with the current forms embedded for civil matters and court forms. The home screen might not be as pretty as some but it is very simple to understand and use. Documents get scanned and saved to the matters file with ease. Overall there is nothing about our personal I jury cases I can't put my hands on quickly. And remotely when I am out of the office. Some have complained about customer service. I guess that is a universal complaint we all have with almost software company. But honestly, when our IT guy gets on the phone with them and they speak the same language, we have never had a problem. I could not run our firm without Abacus.

Bill Robinson


As a small law firm, the Abacus platform meets all of my needs. Their team is always a pleasure to work with!

Cathe Evans Williams
The Evans Williams Law Group, LLC

Professional Services

Abacus was the comprehensive package that we needed. Not only were we able meet our data management needs, but Abacus has allowed us to save an untold amount of employee time. 

Amanda Buckert
San Antonio Bar Association Community Justice Program
San Antonio, TX