Amicus Attorney saves you time and helps you stay organized.

Sean O'Donovan
O'Donovan Law Office

Amicus Attorney

The APC Implementation team did a great job in helping us with the transition from on premise Abacus to the Abacus Private Cloud. Their patience and work ethic made the process simple and easy to follow.

Nick Sivovol
Kendall Brill & Klieger LLP
Los Angeles, CA


AbacusLaw has helped me organize my case load and contacts. The use of forms has also improved my efficiency.

Jonathan Delshad
Los Angeles, CA


The great thing about Abacus is that it completely takes the maintenance aspect out of maintaining the software required to run a successful law practice. The cloud environment functions as a virtual private server, which is entirely maintained by Abacus, allowing both seamless storage and integration of all firm software and resources.

Oleg Cross
Cross Plaintiff Law
San Diego, CA


After receiving my on board training, I’m very excited to use the Abacus Law systems. Looking forward to years of successful association with the Team at Abacus law.

Barry Sabahat
Barzin Barry Sabahat
San Jose, CA


Once OfficeTools WorkSpace was up and running, everybody immediately saw the value. Everything could be done one time, it went where it needed to go, and we were very happy.It’s the best time billing software, and there is so much packed in it. We’ve been using it since 2009, and I still haven’t used every single aspect that’s in it because there’s so much.

Cyndi Bennett, EA, Owner


I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.

Douglas Holbrook
Holbrook & Associates LLC

Amicus Attorney

AbacusLaw is the smartest purchase of my career. It tracks all deadlines, manages countless details, and gives us instant access to all client files. Abacus has earned our trust.

Ward Merdes
Fairbanks, AK


I started with AbacusLaw in 2004 as my practice management software and have been using it ever since. AbacusLaw literally does it all… from managing my calendar, to billing, to document development. I highly recommend this software to my colleagues, at least the ones I like.

Michael Costantino
Margate, FL


Hoffman Nursery

Results has had a positive impact on the way we do everything in our company. The Customer Service we receive is head and shoulders above other companies.

Shannon Currey
Hoffman Nursery
Rougemont, North Carolina


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I will never know the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment experienced by a software developer who receives client accolades about new software features. I can only imagine; however, that they pale in comparison to the feelings of joy and elation clients experience when they see new features and functions that they’ve asked for be implemented! Receiving the latest AbacusLaw upgrade and seeing some of the features I’ve recently suggested is truly amazing! Thank you!

John H. Bedard, Jr
Bedard Law Group, P.C.
Duluth, GA


Practice Management paid for itself in the first two and one-half months because I was tracking all of my time. Everybody in the office tracks all of their time. I am very thankful that I spent the money, because in hindsight, it didn’t cost a lot. Having everything implemented made me money, and makes me money in the long run. Pay for training so that you can implement not just one portion of Practice Management, but everything.

LeAnn Risenhoover


I have been with AbacusLaw through 4 firms over the course of 10 years. I think anyone failing to use practice management software is crazy and AbacusLaw is the most cost efficient one on the market.

Kevin Kuehner
Syracuse, NY


Everyone on the Abacus Private Cloud team has been tremendously helpful, available nights, early morning CA time, and weekends to get us up and running. We appreciate all the help. I can tell you it makes me sleep a lot better knowing our valuable data is so well protected and not subject to the risks of a local office server. With APC, remote operation is also greatly simplified, faster, and more reliable than having to log in to our desktops. Once we get our time and billing organized we should be able to shut down the old server for good.

Jim Jordan
Raleigh, NC


Our entire legal staff uses AbacusLaw all day, every day. It makes it easy for us to access and maintain our client data base, delivers reliable calendaring and its reports help me manage my firm on everything from checking the status of our cases to filtering contact records for marketing.

Harry S. Margolis
Boston, MA