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5 Must-Dos Before You Move to the Cloud


So you’re thinking about moving your practice to the cloud. Before you jump in, here is a list of questions you should ask your potential providers to see how legal savvy they are.

  • 1. What’s the security profile? With hackers trying to get your M&A, matter and client information, ask for SOC-2/SSAE-16 certification to assure the highest levels of security for your data.
  • 2. Who owns your data? If you have a breakup with your cloud provider can they hold your data for ransom? Make sure your information is all yours – and that it is always stored on US-based data centers.
  • 3. Are backup and disaster recovery plans in place? You’re moving to the cloud to eliminate IT headaches, not create new ones. Ensure your provider not only backs up regularly without your intervention, but that their backup locations are dispersed enough to survive a regional disaster like tornado, flood or earthquake.
  • 4. Can you use your favorite software? You’ll want a provider that is software agnostic, letting you use Xero, Abacus, Quickbooks or whatever tools you are comfortable with. Don’t settle, select.
  • 5. Do they support a “bring your own device” practice? Today, attorneys and staff want to use their iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices to access matters and client information. Make sure your provider supports your users with the devices they know and love.

Want to find out what else should be on your list? Request a full copy of the special report “A Cloud Migration Checklist”here.

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