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Using artificial intelligence to outsmart cyber criminals
April 22, 2020

While the economy and our social lives have significantly slowed down, cyber-crime is booming; in fact, the FBI reported that cyber-crime losses have tripled over the past 5 years, and ransomware attacks have seen a 97 percent increase over the past two years -- s here's how AbacusNext leverages artificial intelligence to protect our customers...

Coronavirus cyber scams are thriving – here’s how to avoid them
April 15, 2020

Hackers and cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by churning out fraudulent emails, text messages, and robocalls that trick consumers into clicking on malicious links or opening attachments in order to steal personal information or money...

Working remote: tips for navigating in this new normal
March 30, 2020

How well your firm navigates an immediate work from home policy due to the current COVID-19 environment, let alone a general remote workforce, rests in part on the processes and systems you have in place that support both remote workers and virtual services...

Suddenly virtual: When working remote becomes necessary
March 6, 2020

How well your firm navigates a pan­­­demic may rest in part on the systems you have in place for supporting remote workers and working digitally with clients...

Moving day! Tips for a successful data migration
March 4, 2020

If you were an early adopter of a practice management solution for your firm, chances are it was before cloud computing had taken off...

Legalweek20: New tools for moving forward on cloud, AI, and security
February 20, 2020

Looking back on the many years we have participated in Legaltech, the energy and excitement level at Legalweek20 was higher than ever. ..

4 Reasons progressive accounting firms should embrace remote work
February 11, 2020

What benefits are causing progressive accounting firms to consider and adopt remote work policies? ..

Rule updates to AbacusLaw and Amicus Attorney
February 6, 2020

Over the past several months, we've made updates to rule sets within AbacusLaw and Amicus Attorney. ..

OfficeTools WorkSpace update includes QBO integration and report automation
January 30, 2020

he latest release of OfficeTools WorkSpace brings some exciting updates, including integration with QuickBooks Online, report automation, and a mobile-friendly client portal. ..

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