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5 Tools That Will Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend On Admin. Tasks


Are you waiting for the digital transformation to take hold of your business?

We’re almost 20 years into the 21st century, but accounting firms still spend a lot of time on basic administrative tasks like managing documents, scheduling client meetings, and sending emails back and forth.

Fortunately, there are several important tools available that can greatly reduce the time you spend on these tasks and help you recapture valuable time. Here are five of the top tools that will help you focus on the work that matters:

  • Document Templates and Workflow: HotDocs

Do you find yourself or your staff recreating the same documents over and over again? Or, maybe you’re finding it a challenge to manage the different documents you use regularly, as some are in email, some are on your cloud server, and some are on physical computers. Companies around the world are finding they can save a lot of administrative time by organizing those documents into dynamic templates with the HotDocs document automation tool.

  • Scheduling: Calendly, Doodle, and

How much time does your administrative team spend managing the schedules of you and your associates, and how much time do you lose in back-and-forth calls and emails to confirm times and phone numbers? Cut out that opportunity for miscommunication by using an automated scheduling tool like Calendly, Doodle and These tools offer free and paid versions that can help you set limits to your calendar, streamline schedules, and help clients pay to book time with you.

  • Communication: Slack, Hive, and Google Hangouts

When office workers field hundreds of business emails per day, getting your team out of the inbox should be a No. 1 priority. Use a closed, third-party chat tool like Slack, Hive or Google Hangouts to give employees a quick way to stay in touch and capture conversations without having to scroll through endless email chains.

  • Typing: Dragon Speech Recognition

Everyone has days where writer’s fatigue compromises their ability to type. When you or your staff needs a break and the Siri option on your smartphone won’t cut it, try a voice-to-text app like Dragon Speech Recognition and get some time away from the keyboard.

  • Taking Notes: Rev

If you’re working on more than a simple email and you need to take extensive notes, consider using a transcription service to save yourself from a frantic, error-ridden typing session. For as little as $1 per minute, you can send 30- and 60-minute meeting recordings into a service like Rev, Scribie, or TranscribeMe to receive a clean copy that’s ready for clients.

If you’re tired of your team spending hours each week on simple office tasks like scheduling and managing documents, it’s time to see how new administrative technology and tools can help. Any of the free or low-cost tools recommended here could save you hours next week – it’s time to try them out!

What are your go-to administrative technology tools?

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