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5 Ways Your Firm Can Benefit From Document Automation


When you’re in over your head with work, anything that frees up time is a lifesaver. Enter, HotDocs Advance. This powerful document automation technology helps you efficiently generate documents and increase productivity while mitigating risk. Why switch to document automation? There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to provide excellent client service and offer back-office support. Letting HotDocs help manage the load gives you more time to focus on your clients.

HotDocs has been helping firms create error-free documents for more than 30 years. Our research on the way law firms use technology underscores the starring role document automation plays in helping firms meet their clients’ needs, operate efficiently, and generate profits. Given our experience creating technology solutions and our client base of more than a million users, we’re excited to introduce HotDocs Advance. Here are five reasons your firm should implement this impactful technology today:

  1. Risk Mitigation: Manually creating documents leaves the door open for embarrassing mistakes, including incorrect terms, misspellings, unapproved clauses, outdated regulations, and missing signatures. HotDocs Advance helps detect potential errors by offering high-quality drafts and up-to-date terms in your documentation. Along with the document creation process, HotDocs Advance provides backup, storage, and support so your documents are always secure and available when you need them. Integrating HotDocs Advance with Abacus Private Cloud offers another level of security by always backing up your documents. If you lose a laptop, face theft, or recover from cyber ransom, HotDocs Advance and APC keep your practice operational and your hard-earned reputation intact.
  2. Productivity: HotDocs Advance provides a seamless relationship between the template development process and the deployment of templates to staff members who need to generate documents. The new tools make it easier to design, manage, and deploy templates to ensure you are operating as productively and securely as possible. Work Items, a new feature in HotDocs Advance, makes it easier to manage tasks associated with templates, documents, and client data. Having a fully operational document assembly toolset helps ensure your firm’s productivity and a quick ROI on the software.
  3. Power: HotDocs Advance is our most powerful document automation solution yet. With its truly enterprise-class technology, no document is too complex for the HotDocs Author template creation tool. Whether you are a solo firm or in the Am Law 100, HotDocs Advance can meet your document production requirements. The newly designed template-authoring interface makes it easy to design and build templates. Once created, your templates can be deployed through the HotDocs Advance web interface to every end user who generates documents.
  4. Integrations: HotDocs Advance comes with robust, industry standard APIs that make it possible to easily integrate with your firm’s existing tech. Whether it’s a database, practice management system, workflow, e-signature solution, or document management system, HotDocs Advance has the APIs and multi-tenant support needed to fully integrate with your workflow.
  5. Scalability: HotDocs Advance is designed for scalability. Our engineers have worked with firms of all sizes to ensure it meets their needs. Integrations with Microsoft Active Directory make it easy to manage users, permissions, and groups. Tools for managing templates make it easy to roll out templates to authorized users dispersed throughout your offices, regardless of geography and scale. In addition, the ability to deploy templates through cloud, desktop, or hybrid environments ensures the technology can be securely used by organizations of any size.

HotDocs Advance is powerful technology that can help your firm run efficiently while eliminating risks and costs associated with unproductive processes. With this powerful technology, you’ll be able to devote more time and energy to your clients instead of back-office tasks. Schedule a demo to see how your firm can leverage from using HotDocs.

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