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Today more than ever we need to constantly review how our firms are managed. One key to success is finding new ways to work more productively, of course. To do that requires constant evaluation and oversight of firm workflow and finding the right tools and best practices that meet the needs of the firm and its clients. When the right combination is achieved, the results are profound. Increased profits, less stress and fewer hours worked, creating a greater work-life balance. All of this can be realized without sacrificing firm success or profit. So, the secret isn’t working more or harder, but striving for more profitable engagements, better managing processes and staff. While half of this equation is knowledge-based best practices, the other half is critically dependent upon finding the technologies that best fit an evolving firm’s workflow with newer technology and methods. Ultimately providing a creative environment for our staff to work in and assuring that our customers are pleased with our services. In this session I would like to offer 8 keys to help your own firm be more productive and profitable creating a successful firm.

  1. Embracing New technologies
    a. Windows 8
    b. New Platform Applications
    c. Smart Phones
    d. How many monitors?
  2. Creating the Digital Firm
    a. Desktop Scanning
    b. Integrated Document Management
  3. Benefiting from Software Integration
    a. Finding connection points
    b. Does your vendor partner with others?
  4. Redefining Workflow
    a. Are our processes changing?
    b. Including our team
    c. Combining common processes
  5. Instituting Effective Delegation & Accountability
    a. Empowering managers
    b. Supporting your team
    c. Building trust
  6. Resourcing Your Team
    a. Outside resources
    b. Inside resources
  7. Exploring Mobility
    a. Mobile Apps
    b. Cloud Hosting
    c. Web Applications
    d. Portals
  8. Providing Exceptional Client Service
    a. Remote connection services
    b. Empowering your Team
    c. Building a brand
    d. Providing a unique client experience
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