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A Roadmap for AbacusNext Products


During Chris Cardinal’s 2019 AbacusMaximus keynote address, “A Compass for the Road Ahead”, he unveiled the short-term, year-end, and long-term roadmaps for our product suite. Mr. Cardinal, the EVP of Software Development at AbacusNext, began this high-level overview by discussing AbacusNext’s mission, vision, and development strategy.

Mr. Cardinal emphasized that AbacusNext will remain client-focused. The goal is to help small firms grow, make large companies nimble, and keep all firms safe.

The development strategy concentrates on four areas: cloud offering, opportunities for automation, a common platform, and user experience.

One of the highlights of Mr. Cardinal’s presentation was his proof of concept demonstration, which revealed the direction AbacusNext is heading. He opened Google PracticeAssistant on his phone and showed attendees how to create a bill, create a time entry, and more with just his voice. When he asked his device, “What is my day like today?”, PracticeAssistant rattled off his meeting schedule. This up-and-coming feature is just one of the many exciting developments clients can look forward to.

By the end of 2019, clients can expect to see the following improvements:

  • OfficeTools 3.3: Report Scheduling, MFA Service, QBO Integration, and an updated Mobile App
  • OfficeTools Online: For clients looking to be fully mobile, we’ll be rolling out a SAAS solution that includes:
    • Business Entity and Contact Management
    • Projects, Activities, and Documents
    • Time Cards, Expenses, Billing, and Payments
    • QuickBooks Online and Dropbox Integrations
    • And much more!
  • AbacusLaw: Machine Learning Document Services, HotDocs Integration, MFA Service, Version 2.0 for mobile users,and APX PayNow
  • HotDocs 2.0: Enhanced Integration Capabilities, Document Approval, Native eSignatures, and Client Interviews
  • Amicus Attorney:Enhanced Security, Import Capabilities, Machine Learning Document and Email Services, and Version 2.0 for mobile users
  • ResultsCRM: Legal-Focused CRM Dashboards (for AbacusLaw, Amicus Attorney, and Amicus Cloud), Client and Matter Intake, Engagement Management, and Lead Tracking
  • Amicus Cloud 5.3: Case Law Research Services and Abacus Court Rules
  • Abacus Client Portal: Single Sign-On (Abacus Private Cloud), Product Downloads, and Scheduling Maintenance and Updates

During his keynote, Mr. Cardinal also addressed our long-term development strategy, including implementing artificial intelligence, new portal experiences, self-service tools, and eSignature and Microsoft OneDrive integrations.

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