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ABA TECHSHOW and a Couple of Thoughts


So I’m back at my desk and reflecting on the ABA TECHSHOW, which was staged last week in Chicago. For me the event was a whirlwind of meetings—software developers, integration shops, member benefit organizations, etc.—most of them asking the same question, in essence, "How can we grow our own business by tapping into the HotDocs ecosystem?"

The ground swell of interest can be attributed to several factors, not the least of which is HotDocs’ long established position as theGold Standardof document automation systems. Beyond nearly two decades of market leadership, though, a lot of the recent excitement is coming from our new cloud-based product,HotDocsDocument Services, which now looks to be catalyzing a technology migration.

Other companies laying down code in order to intersect with our trajectory . . . . Sounds likegravitas, to me. Sounds likedisruption. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing you should expect from anauthenticmarket leader.

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