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AbacusLaw’s updated mobile app keeps lawyers connected to their clients & data

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Have you ever prepped for a case at home, made a call during a cab ride, or squeezed in work at a cafe between client meetings? If you’re like most lawyers, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the ABA 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report noted that the majority of lawyers—72% in 2018—use mobile technology to telecommute to work. In larger firms with 100 or more lawyers, 95% report that they work remotely at times.

While telecommuting is nothing new, the amount of time that lawyers spend away from the office, and the way they engage with mobile technology, is evolving. Today’s legal professionals are moving beyond basic functions like email, calendars, and contact management, and demanding applications that support comprehensive remote practice management.

AbacusNext developed the AbacusLaw mobile app in 2017 to meet the needs of mobile attorneys and provide them with 24/7 access to their data. When in court or with a client, users have immediate access to information that might be impactful to a case. With easy access to matters, client information, phone calls, time entries, and notes, the mobile app allows users to record details of their calls, save notes to the client file, and manage time tracking. Firms using the AbacusLaw app tell us they love being able to track deadlines and easily locate information on the go.

Introducing V2 of the AbacusLaw Mobile App

Version 2 of the AbacusLaw mobile app, now available for all AbacusLaw customers, makes remote work even easier. After rigorous research and lengthy conversations with customers about their needs, interests, and challenges, we updated the app’s design to focus on easy access to and management of AbacusLaw information. New features include:

  • Full view of calendar (tasks, appointments, deadlines)
  • Full view of contact list (names)
  • Ability to create new matters, contacts, appointments and to do's in the mobile app
  • A new mobile time tracker that captures every billable moment from phone calls, emails, notes and text messages

In today’s increasingly digital business world, lawyers must embrace technology while keeping their clients' needs front and center. Tools like the AbacusLaw mobile app help you deliver on that vision by keeping you connected to every aspect of your practice—any time, anywhere.

If you’re already an AbacusLaw user, be sure to install V2 of the mobile app.

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