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Why Role-Based Dashboards Are Essential to Law Firm Management

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As law becomes an increasingly data-driven industry, legal dashboards have become essential tools for legal professionals looking to have better insights into their practice and engage in informed decision-making.

What are legal dashboards?

As part of a practice management software, legal dashboards aggregate information about your practice and activities, displaying important metrics in ways that are visually appealing and easy to understand. Data visualization provides a real-time overview of business processes, help to control workflow, track resources and financial information and track multiple KPIs in one place. An effective dashboard offers better access to your most critical data points in order to glean the insights you need to set priorities and make decisions to optimize firm performance.

Why dashboards work

Law is an information-based business, and a dashboard serves as an indispensable command center for the practice of law. However, not all legal dashboards offer the same benefits and too many attempt to be a one-size-fits-all solution for managing your practice.

While any opportunity to gather essential data is better than no dashboard when it comes to developing business insights, the full benefit of having a dashboard is only realized when you can personalize that dashboard to show exactly the information that specific users need to see.

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New role-based dashboards from AbacusNext

Being able to manage your firm from a single screen via the dashboard in AbacusLaw is nothing new. What is new is the ability to tailor your dashboards to individual users in your firm, so they see the information that matters most to their specific role.

Your dashboard serves as your landing page for day-to-day operations. It only makes sense, then, that that landing page should focus on the information you actually care about and need to do your job. Managing partners don’t need to see the same data as paralegals, who don’t need to see the same data as bookkeepers. With generic, one-size-fits all dashboards, your employees spend too much time digging for the information they need – time that would be much better spent on tasks that help your practice succeed.

Everything is customizable by role and by practice

With AbacusNext, your dashboards are now fully customizable according to users’ roles within your firm. You can either choose one of the default dashboards or tailor one to meet your specific needs. The idea is to get the most compelling data in front of your users’ eyes as quickly as possible.

The updated AbacusLaw dashboard includes an app library and drag-and-drop functionality, making it possible to fully personalize every dashboard experience for every user in the firm. The apps are focused on productivity and financial data, presenting real-time reports of critical firm KPI data. Better yet, they’re interactive, allowing you to quickly execute the actions most relevant to your role, such as jumping to a specific record, editing a billing entry, or completing another discrete task.

While it still excels as an end-to-end legal practice management solution, the AbacusNext Dashboards now also offer an unrivaled way for every person in your firm to see the information, data, and visualizations they most want and need to see, when they need to see them.

AbacusLaw, Amicus Cloud and Amicus Attorney all include dashboard views designed to support a wide range of personas and use cases within a law firm, empowering people in specific roles and responsibilities to take control of their practice. Our new role-based dashboard layouts include:

  • Managing Partner
  • Attorney
  • Attorney with Financial Metrics
  • Paralegal
  • Paralegal with Financial Metrics
  • Bookkeeper

These pre-existing dashboard layouts can be further modified, personalized, and rolled out to as many users as you want within your firm. Role-based dashboards help to standardize best practices, facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, and enhance data-driven decision-making at every level of the firm.

Role-based dashboards from AbacusNext give you the most streamlined approach to practice management available today, so you can focus on actually practicing law.

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