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How many of us have ever walked in to work after a long weekend at the lake and wondered, “What am I doing today, what is my firm working on?”? Let’s be honest we became business owners to have that kind of freedom but with that freedom comes responsibility.
Don’t be left in the dark any longer, flip the switch!!! Introducing the Office Tools Professionals, Practice Management’s Activity List! Last week I alluded to the Activity List as a feature for not missing due dates… as it does just that, it really does so much more. A true stethoscope the Activity List gives you the pulse of your firm’s workflow at a glance. By viewing all calls, appointments, projects and assignments just to name a few, by yourself or any employee, you always have a clear understanding of the task at hand and who is doing what.
One click filters my list to view just today’s tasks. I can also see what’s coming up; this lets me focus on the most important tasks. I have the ability to assign tasks to someone else. Once any task is completed Practice Management can prompt me to track my time invested in any activity.
If I select to see other employees list’s I can quickly see if tasks are being completed and any details on the outstanding tasks. If a staff is out sick or overworked one click lets me delegate any item to another… Now the pulse of the firm is easy to track.
By implementing solutions such as the Activity List, you empower yourself and, equip your staff to be a more valuable asset to your firm. With all necessary information one click away, you and your employees can accomplish more, in less time. “What is my firm working on?” An archaic question don’t you think? Office Tools Professionals Practice Management software: A light in dark places.
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