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Amicus Attorney update makes remote collaboration easier than ever

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Amicus Attorney update with HotDocs

The latest release of Amicus Attorney makes virtual collaboration easier than ever—a potential lifesaver for firms transitioning to a remote work environment. Version 20.5 of Amicus Attorney includes expanded client portal payment options, optimizations for Abacus Private Cloud, and integration with HotDocs Advance, an update sure to delight firms that rely on document automation as a part of their workflow.

Here’s a quick look at the exciting upgrades this version has to offer:

Expanded remote work tools

Amicus Attorney has long enabled law firms across the U.S. to work remotely. Version 20.5 makes remote work even easier with an expanded payment portal to communicate safely and securely with clients. It removes obstacles to ensure clients can receive, review and pay invoices with minimal effort. In addition, all new features have been optimized for use in the Abacus Private Cloud to provide anywhere, anytime access in a private and secure workspace.

Integration with HotDocs Advance

The integration of two industry-leading legal technology solutions—HotDocs Advance and Amicus Attorney—provides firms with an unprecedented level of speed, accuracy and risk mitigation. All entries in Amicus Attorney are instantly ready to use with HotDocs Advance, so firms can create flawless documents in a fraction of the time. Learn more about the integration here.

Other new features:

  • Document Bundles: New options make it easy to package any documents on a Client File to a ZIP file for sharing.
  • Expanded Client Portal Payment Options for APX: Invoices can now be shared with all clients using the client portal –not just the primary client—making it easier for firms to get paid.
  • Visibility into Amicus Attorney’s custom records: Allows a firm’s clients to participate in information gathering.
  • Date range filters in communication lists: New date range filters found under the Communications tab on Client files speed up performance.
  • Advanced TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) portal settings: Easily set a preferred port to handle network communications.
  • New QuickBooks management options in APC (Abacus Private Cloud): Firms on APC with QuickBooks integration now have a new option to self-manage their QuickBooks instances.
  • Refactored Google contact & calendar synchronization: Amicus Attorney now leverages more secure authentication with Google.
  • Display and share custom records in the client portal: Firms can customize their portal experience.
  • Automated update feature: Allows for easy upgrades from Amicus Attorney 20.4.

How to install Amicus Attorney 20.5

Firms currently using the most recent version of Amicus Attorney will be upgraded through the new automatic update utility to push updates to all workstations. Firms using Amicus Attorney 20.3 or earlier will update the server followed by each workstation in a familiar process. Clients in need of assistance can submit a support ticket in the Customer Account Portal, or use the support live chat feature—at the bottom right of the Customer Account Portal when logged in.

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