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Conducting a Law Firm Profitability Analysis with Practice Management Software
October 21, 2021

Knowing how to determine what factors have the most impact on your financial health requires a solid law firm profitability analysis strategy...

Run Your Firm Better with Legal Project Management Software
October 15, 2021

Without legal project management software, it's difficult for a firm to sustainably deliver high customer experience and service quality...

It’s Time to Position Your Firm for Growth through Smarter Legal Billing
October 11, 2021

How can you avoid wasting time at your firm?..

Thank us later: Why court rules reduce risk and improve case management
August 21, 2021

Let’s start with the calendar, where many attorneys start their day...

How Paralegals Promote Productivity by Terminating Tedious Tasks
August 19, 2021

Just because you’re a few rungs from the top of your law firm’s ladder doesn’t mean that you cannot make a significant contribution...

Why Role-Based Dashboards Are Essential to Law Firm Management
July 5, 2021

As law becomes an increasingly data-driven industry, legal dashboards have become essential tools for legal professionals looking to have better insights into their practice and engage in informed decision-making...

Minimizing Law Firm Turnover: Building Attorney Loyalty with Practice Management Technology
June 24, 2021

Attracting quality attorneys is a time- and cost-intensive process for firms...

Improving Your Law Firm Payment Processing
June 22, 2021

In the years since the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse, law firms weathered an ongoing series of financial pressures...

The Name of the Game in Real Estate Law is Change
June 21, 2021

The commercial and residential real estate landscape has changed significantly in the wake of the pandemic and resulting economic closures and disruptions...

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