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Having worked at HotDocs for over 16 years, it’s inevitable that there has been ample opportunity to see how our various customers benefit from our document assembly. It goes without saying that I think our product is fantastic (I wouldn’t be here otherwise), but the more I visit our clients and prospects in their places of work, the more I see how HotDocs document assembly can make our customers’ jobs and processes easier and less prone to error.

Over the years, it has become ever clearer that, while we started out helping law firms with complex legal documents, HotDocs is in fact just as relevant, or more relevant, to almost any other business that sells anything other than a simple, shrink wrapped product, off-the-shelf, to consumers. Selling sets of services and products that vary depending on the end customer necessarily requires a more sophisticated and tailored sales approach, as well as the supporting documentation to go with it. Nearly always, this documentation is essential for the sales and compliance process.

Essentially, organisations that sellsets of products and services that are likely to be different in combination for each client standto gain significantly from the adoption HotDocs document automation.

Here are some examples:

• Banks, lending cash to commercial organisations, are selling finance and the services that go along with it. Documentation has to cover interest rates, security, repayments, periods – and a whole lot more besides. All these details are different between each client. How can a bank make that document drafting process more efficient and at the same time more accurate?

• Software companies: software is almost always sold with various optional features and combinations of components, typically with service level agreements (SLAs), consultancy, guarantees, payment options and the like.

• HR departments, dealing with high volumes staff, many of whom are perhaps temporary. How does a local government HR department, for instance, keep up with the demands of compliant, accurate and efficiently drafted documentation?

The list of companies and organisations dealing daily with sophisticated and business critical documentation seems endless. How do sales departments meet their quotas if simply getting the sales documentation ready takes days or even weeks? How can in-house documentation and legal departments keep up with the demands of those who drive revenue within their businesses?

The answer, friends, is to take a look at HotDocs. With our help, transform your sales and other customer facing documents into HotDocs templates. Provide your front line staff with the tools they need to generate the documentation your company and customers need, from the templates your policy (commercial and legal) people authorise. At the same time being 100% confident that every clause, paragraph, amount, date, condition, full-stop and comma is exactly how you need it to be – and that the formatting is perfect. Ease the backlog of demands on back office teams. Liberate your business from the quagmire and drudgery of manual document drafting.

Going back to my initial comment. The number and types of organisation that can and should benefit from HotDocs document automation is endless. Is yours one of them?

We know we can help. Why notregisterfor our brief introduction to document assembly and HotDocs on 29th February 2016? Alternatively, you cancontact usdirectly.

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