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Benefitting the Bottom Line: HotDocs for Large Corporations


HotDocs document assembly technology is used by corporate organisations in sectors including manufacturing, technology, aviation, hospitality and broadcasting to automate a diverse range of documents and streamline business processes.

HotDocs has several clients in the manufacturing industry, one of which builds satellites and spacecraft. That particular company uses HotDocs to produce design, justification and procedure documentation for telecom satellite programmes. The process was once weighed down by time consuming repetition but after implementing HotDocs the organisation was able to greatly reduce the time spent on creating all necessary documentation and industrialise the process.

One giant multi-national corporation also uses HotDocs with great success in its manufacturing arm, as well as in several of its other business areas, such as utilities and banking. The company automates myriad documents, showing just how scalable HotDocs can be within any organisation. Documents include:

  • ancillary documents
  • business finance agreements
  • collection letters
  • aircraft leasing documents
  • legal documents
  • offer and order letters
  • patent cooperation treaty requests
  • sales and security documents

Each HotDocs template that is created for any document has no limit to how many times it can be used and, therefore, saves users a substantial amount of time when creating custom documentation from existing content, over and over again.

A global restaurant chain uses HotDocs across its treasury and legal teams to produce franchise agreements and correspondence for the opening of new restaurants or when franchises change hands. For this corporation, HotDocs has been instrumental in key business processes and has greatly increased operational efficiency.

When corporate organisations have many thousands of employees, HotDocs is commonly used within the Human Resources (HR) department to automate documents such as employment contracts, HR forms, letters and service contracts. These agreements are used frequently, so transforming them into dynamic HotDocs templates results in HR processes that are much faster and greatly simplified.

To summarise, HotDocs can be used across multiple corporate departments to reduce risk, improve efficiency and enhance compliance, saving organisations around the world time and money when producing documentation.

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