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Best Apps for Mobile Lawyers


As a modern attorney you're constantly on the go and your mobile device has probably become your greatest asset. According to the American Bar Association, 91 percent of attorneys used a smartphone and more than 400,000 attorneys used an iPad in 2013. Be it an iPhone, iPad or Android, your device has become essential to your daily workflow.
But having the hardware is just the first step to making the most of mobile technology. You need the best apps for making your life as an attorney easier and more efficient:
Viewing Documents
To view documents on the go, having both a PDF and document reader are essential. EZ PDF Reader is available for both iPhones and Androids and allows you to view, annotate and fill PDFs on the go. Documents to Go gives you the ability to look at your Microsoft Word documents on your Apple or Android device. This app can handle footnotes, red-line edits, zoom and do basic reformatting.
Note Taking
Evernote lets you easily take notes, snapshots and recordings about research, meetings, projects, lectures etc. and stores them in one central location. Create task lists, to-dos and quickly find what you need with robust search capabilities. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and more.
Court Day Calculations
Court Days helps lawyers calculate the number of court days or calendar days (or both) before or after a given date. Create custom court holidays, such as court furlough days that otherwise would not appear on a calendar.
Law Dictionary
Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary is a helpful, and free, alternative to the pricey Black's Law Dictionary app. Browse definitions by topic and search terms and definitions using keywords.

Access Your Files
A virtual file system is essential if you truly want to be mobile. Many cloud service providers, including Abacus Private Cloud™, give you full accessibility to all documents, emails etc. from your mobile device. If you don't use a cloud service provider, Dropbox is a popular option for professionals who need to back up their information and access their files anywhere.
Legal Research
The ability to perform and reference research anywhere is helpful. If you have a subscription to Westlaw, for example, you can use the Westlaw Next app on your mobile device just like you would from your computer. This saves you the time from needing to email yourself cases or print them off. Once you save your research to your folders in Westlaw, you can access it again anywhere.
Apps for Trial
  • Depose gives you the ability to prep and take depositions on your Android device. You can directly enter the questions you plan to ask and upload them in plain text and also attach exhibits to your questions.
  • iJuror lets you record juror information, responses, mark the importance of responses, rank your juror options and produce a report of your data. This app lets you visually organize the juror selection process with the feature that lets you drag a juror to designated baskets so you can easily keep track of your strikes, the opposing party's strikes and jurors removed for cause.
  • TrialPad for the iPad is a powerful tool for organizing case presentations for the courtroom. Organize, annotate and manage your case files for court hearings, jury trials, mediation presentations and other settings. Along with tools such as highlight, redline and redact, TrialPad also allows you to display images and exhibits using a projector or a monitor.
In the end, there are limitless possibilities for apps to help you in a variety of practice settings. This list is just a sampling of the ways you can take advantage of the technology now available at your fingertips.
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