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BPM, Banks, and Fraud Prevention


In droves, banks are turning to business process management (BPM) suites. And while efficiency improvements are one of the catalysts to BPM adoption, another is fraud prevention. Take, for example, one international bank with thousands of globally deployed relationship managers who specialize in commercial loans. One of the challenges this bank faced was collusion between a relationship manager and a customer regarding a fraudulent loan. To solve problems like this, the bank uses rights management.

The bank utilized HotDocs to build a sophisticated, interactive data-gathering sequence (called an interview) for its commercial loans. The interview guides the relationship manager through the data-gathering process, throughout which the relationship manager has complete access to the interview. However, once the interview has been submitted to the loan approval committee, the relationship manager is locked out of the interview—that is, he/she no longer has rights to edit the interview.

After a loan is approved, the relationship manager has access to the interview for the purpose of gathering any subsequent data, but the original data submission (the loan data that was approved by the committee) is still locked. In other words, a relationship manager can’t go back and edit the data set post-approval.

With the loan approved and the data set complete, the relationship manager can generate documents. Given that the data was gathered using HotDocs, the market-leading document generation platform, the process of producing documents is seamless and takes just seconds.

While most commercially available BPM suites have some limited capacity for data-gathering and simple document generation, the relative sophistication of this particular international bank’s commercial lending contract and collateral documents made HotDocs a virtual necessity, not just for the generation of the documents themselves, but also for the construction of an interactive interview that could guide a relationship manager through the highly structured and complex process of gathering the necessary data. And because of HotDocs’ highly evolved APIs, integrating the HotDocs interview into the bank’s BPM suite was a relatively easy process.

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