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Creating a Custom Dialog in HotDocs


Dialogs are an excellent way to customise a HotDocs interview, and present your questions to users in a more intuitive, organised way.

So here’s a quick way to create a custom dialog and add in a variable.

First we need to create a dialog:

  1. Go to your template and click the Component Manager button. Component Managerwill then appear.

[HotDocs document automation software's component management button

  1. Then click the Components drop-down button and select Dialogs from the list. The component list is filtered to show only dialogs. (Don’t worry – the list will be empty as you haven’t created any dialogs yet.)

HotDocs document automation software's component dropdown button

  1. Now click the New Component button and the Dialog Editor will appear.

HotDocs document automation software's new component button

  1. Type a name into Dialog name box (e.g. Employee Information).

HotDocs document automation software's dialog name box

  1. In the Components list, click on the first Component you would like to add (e.g. Employee Name) and drag it to the Contents box.

HotDocs document automation software's component list

  1. Then drag the second Component you would like to add (e.g. Employee Gender) from the Components list to the Contents box.

HotDocs document automation software's second component button

  1. Nearly done – click Test. A test assembly window will appear. Your newly created dialog looks exactly the way it will when it is displayed during the interview.

HotDocs document automation software's click test button

  1. Close the test assembly window, and then click OK at the Dialog Editor. The dialog Employee Information is now complete.

Congratulations you’ve just created your first Dialog and added in a Variable

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