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Does HotDocs include automated forms?


Our phones ring several times a day with someone on the other end asking to purchase ourautomated forms. The truth is thatHotDocs does not sell any pre-packaged templates or automated forms. Our software simply gives you the tools you need to automateyour own documentsand turn them into HotDocs templates.

But wait—don’t get frustrated and close this page quite yet! This is actuallygoodnews for you. When you are able to create your own forms, they can be customized exactly the way you want them. You won’t be handing out documents to your clients that have technical language in them that is not customized to your unique firm or company and the way you do business. Your documents will be automated and won’t require a lot of proofreading and editing before sending them out, but you will still feel confident that your customers are getting documents from you with an added personal touch.

It’s kind of like buying Adobe Photoshop. When you purchase this powerful piece of software, it gives you all the tools you need to edit photos and make them look amazing, but the photos aren’t included with the software—you need to create those yourself. But think about it—would you really want Photoshop to come packaged with photos of someone else’s dog, someone else’s Hawaiian vacation, and someone else’s children playing in the backyard, so you could edit them, frame them, and email them to Grandma? No, of course not. You want to use the software to edit the photos that you have taken with your own camera because they are customized to you.

How hard is it to create my own templates?

Most people are able to pick up theHotDocs Developersoftware fairly quickly and easily. You definitely don’t have to be a “techie” to automate your documents. While it may take some time to get your templates up to par, it will be well worth it, and you will quickly receive a tremendous return on your investment.

Can HotDocs help me develop my templates?

Absolutely. First, we strongly suggest that you sign up for our freeIntro to HotDocs” webinar. It will teach you all the basics on how to get started. After that, you might want to take a look at the freedocumentation on our website, particularly theHotDocs Developer Installation Guide and Tutorial. It will answer most, if not all, of your more advanced questions about template development. If you’d like extra help, we also offer aHotDocs training classabout once a month, plus personalizedconsulting services. Each of our trainers and consultants have more than 10 years of full-time template development experience, so they can answer any and all questions you may have. Please contact us at800-500-3627Fif you’d like to sign up for the paid training or consulting services.

Can I buy automated forms from somewhere else?

If you really do want automated forms, there are some independent publishers who sell templates that work in HotDocs (like LexisNexis, WestLaw, etc.); however, these templates may not work onHotDocs Document ServicesorHotDocs Server, due to copyright reasons. Please contact the publisher of your templates for more information.

Any more questions about how to automate your documents with HotDocs? Leave a comment below.

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