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Does HotDocs Work on a Mac?


This blog was updated 31st January 2017.

The answer to this question is quite simple—HotDocs templates must be created on a PC with HotDocs Developer, but there are options to complete interviews and create finished documents from those templates on a Mac.

Here’s why:

HotDocs Developer and HotDocs User are desktop applications that will not function on a Mac computer, unless it runs in a virtual PC environment with Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista or version 7, 8 or 10). However, with HotDocs’ cloud or server based solutions, templates can be deployed to end users on a Mac.

The solutions that are currently available for use natively on a Mac are:

HotDocs Document Services – runs in the cloud meaning your templates can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any Mac or PC with an internet browser. No software is required for end users, so you can email links for web-based, interactive HotDocs interviews directly to current or potential clients.

HotDocs Server – an enterprise level solution for clients with more than 100 users, although it is often used in mid-sized companies that prefer an on premise server environment with web-based user access. HotDocs Server requires a web application to access HotDocs Interviews through.

HotDocs Cloud Services – everything that HotDocs Server is, but in the cloud and with a subscription payment structure. This solution requires you to build a web application around it so that it may consume HotDocs interviews through a connected web browser.

HotDocs Hub – an expanding, modular suite of supporting services for HotDocs document assembly; available both as on premise installations and as cloud services. Initially available with template and user management, these services come complete with OAuth2 enabled APIs for secure integration with other applications.

As you can see, while templates can only be created on a PC, the choices for Mac users to consume templates are many.

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