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Forms Building the HotDocs Way—Interactive, Rule-Based, and Powerful


HotDocs, the industry leader for document automation, is well known for having the most powerful and sophisticated forms-building functionality available—a necessity for a technology stack responsible for generating ultra-sophisticated legal documentation for many of the world’s largest enterprises. It’s this basic functionality—complex document automation and assembly—that has made HotDocs a popular addition to BPM installations, especially in workflows that model, for example, loan-origination processes.

Likewise, HotDocs is a powerful addition to any technology suite that is collaterally responsible for the automated generation of complex legal documentation—a group that includes customer communications management (CCM), contract management (sometimes referred to as contract lifecycle management or CLM), and practice management.

However, HotDocs’ ability to build powerful information-gathering forms is just as applicable in situations where document generation is not the key focus. Again, workflows are a good example of a situation where information-gathering forms are commonly used for a purpose other than document assembly. Because HotDocs’ forms-building functionality is so advanced—allowing the most sophisticated, interactive approach to building information-gathering forms—it’s a great choice for situations where form-building needs may exceed what is commonly available in BPM suites, CCMs, CLMs, or any number of other applications that don’t commonly have to deal with the gathering of highly structured, rule-based data and are, therefore, not well equipped to handle the need when it does occur.

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